Good ol’ plain Jane. The feminine form of John (hence John and Jane Doe, G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane) and a variant of Joan, Jane has been around practically foreve—from Jane Austen to Jane Seymour, and everyone in between. No matter what era, the name remains simple, classic, and lovely.




International Variations

Zia, Zara, Siobhan, Sineaid, Sian, Johnetta, Johnelle, Jeena, Jasia, Jansje


Exotic, Word

Alternate Spellings

Jonna, Jonalyn, Johnnie, Johnna, Joan, Jeovanna, Jeovana, Jenise, Jayne, Janis

Famous Namesakes

Actress Jane Seymour, Actress Jane Fonda, Author Jane Austen, Actress Jane Kaczmarek, Actress Jane Curtin, Journalist Jane Pauley, Naturalist Jane Goodall

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Jim Carrey and Melissa Womer, Daughter of Arthur Miller, Daughter of Jet Li, Daughter of Charlie Chaplin