Who doesn’t know a Jennifer, or two, or three? And it’s no wonder why. Jennifer reigned supreme on the baby name rankings in America from 1970-1984. Just think of all the actresses produced in that era (Lopez, Garner, Connelly, just to name a few.) While the moniker has had a decline in popularity since then, it’s still a name many parents gravitate towards. If you like the sound of it but want something a bit more special, try its Celtic root name Guinevere.


  • Celtic: White wave
  • English: Fair one; Variant of Guinevere
  • Welsh: Fair one; Variant of Guinevere



International Variations

Jenna, Jenita, Jinny, Jinni, Jennis, Jennie, Jenni, Jennelle, Jennah, Jenetta

Alternate Spellings

Jennessa, Jennalyn, Jennabel, Jenifer, Jenarae, Jenalynn

Famous Namesakes

Actress Jennifer Lopez, Actress Jennifer Garner, Actress Jennifer Connelly, Acterss Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress Jennifer Hudson, Actress Jennifer Aniston, Tennis player Jennifer Capriati, Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Tom Brokaw, Daughter of Billy Crystal, Daughter of Jack Nicholson and Sandra Knight, Daughter of David Lynch, Daughter of Roseanne and Bill Pentland, Daughter of Bob Saget, Daughter of Bill Gates