Feminine form of the name Oliver. The name very well may have originated from Shakespeare himself as the name of his heroine in “Twelfth Night”. While only modestly popular for most of the twentieth century, Olivia has really leapt to the top of the charts as one of the top go-to names for girls in recent years and will join all of the Isabellas, Sophias, and Emmas of the world as ones who will always have to use their last name to distinguish who is who in class. Too popular for you? Try Olive, or the more obscure Italian name Oliva.



Olivie, Lyvia, Livie, Livia



International Variations

Olive, Oilbhe, Olivie, Lyvia, Livie, Livia, Alvy

Famous Namesakes

Singer Olivia Newton John, Actress Olivia Wilde, Actress Olivia Palermo, Actress Olivia Munn

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Denzel Washington, Daughter of Al Pacino, Daughter of Lance Armstrong, Daughter of James Van Der Beek, Daughter of Kirk Cameron, Daughter of Eddie Vedder, Daughter of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor