Have Your Little Boo Dress Like a Scarer from Monstropolis

image source: rosie maxhimer | disney family

Have your little one channel their inner Boo from Monsters, Inc. by dressing up like a scarer. No one will ever know!

To create this DIY Boo Costume, just add a mop and a few supplies to a vest, have your kiddo wear white long johns or a onesie, put them in pigtails, and you’re ready for trick-or-treating on Halloween night!

image source: rosie maxhimer

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What You’ll Need

  • Mop head 
  • Scissors 
  • Rubber band
  • Purple hooded vest
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 2 3-inch styrofoam balls
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun and glue
  • White felt

How To Make It

  1. Cut off a section of the mop head, about 20 strings 8” long. Tie the rubber band around the top 2” of the mop stings to keep them together. Cut off an extra mop string to wrap and tie around the rubber band to hide it.
  2. Position your mop string bundle onto the center top of your hood. You want the strings to land right at the brim/edge of the hood. Either sew the mop bundle onto the hood or glue it. (Sewing is stronger.)
  3. Next paint the back half of your styrofoam balls black. Then paint small black circles in the front for the eyeballs. 
  4. Take each pipe cleaner, fold it in half, and stick the ends into the bottom of each styrofoam eyeball. Add a bit of glue to help secure it.
  5. Then take the other end of your pipe cleaners and use the glue gun to attach it to the top of the hood. Try your best to wedge the pipe cleaner ends into the center of the rubber banded section of your mop bundle and glue it in.
  6. Next take your white felt and cut out rounded triangles for the (not so sharp and scary) teeth. Sew or glue the teeth around the edge of the hood.


All cutting, gluing, and sewing should be done by an adult.

Posted 3 years Ago
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