Cinderella’s Star-spangled Headband

Inspired by a princess whose dream for independence came true, this starry holiday headband lets Cinderella fans show their patriotic colors in style on the Fourth of July.

Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Blue hard-style headband
  • Straight pins (for pinning the template pieces to the felt)
  • Blue felt
  • White sticky-back felt
  • 2 red buttons
  • Hot glue gun

How To Make It

  1. Print out the template and use the pieces to cut out the shapes from the specified types and colors of felt.
  2. Center the white felt stars atop the blue ones, and stick them in place.
  3. Hot glue a red button to the center of each double-layer star.
  4. Hot glue the assembled stars to the ends of the headband.


Cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

Posted 4 years Ago
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