Craft Spoon Doll

When Mulan and the other soldiers in the Emperor’s army came to the village the Huns had destroyed, the only trace left of the people who had once lived there was a tiny cloth doll. Fashioned from bits of felt and yarn, this little replica is just the right size to fit perfectly in the palm of a young princess’ hand.

What You’ll Need

  • Paper and fabric scissors
  • Black yarn
  • Tape measure
  • Purple felt (two 3 1/2-inch squares)
  • Tan, peach, or other skin tone felt (two 2-inch squares)
  • Templates (for the dress, arms, and legs)
  • Common pins
  • Tacky glue
  • Black paint and a paintbrush

How To Make It

  1. Make the doll's hair by cutting two dozen 6-inch lengths from the black yarn. Arrange the lengths into a bunch and tightly tie a 7-inch length of yarn around the center, leaving the tie ends long. To give the hair a fuller appearance, unravel some of the strands in each length of yarn.
  2. Set the yarn wig down on a flat surface. Then, coat the back of the wooden spoon bowl (but not the handle) with glue and press it down on top of the yarn. Use a pinch-style clothespin to hold the two together until the glue dries.
  3. Stack the purple felt squares. Do the same with the tan felt.
  4. Print and cut out the templates. Pin the dress template to the purple felt and the arm and leg templates to the tan felt. Cut out the pieces and then unpin the templates.
  5. Separate the two dress layers and glue the arm and leg pieces to the dress back as shown. Then glue the spoon handle to the dress, lifting the hair out of the way.
  6. Now glue the dress front on top of the other pieces, matching up all the edges.
  7. Paint on facial features: two round blobs for eyes (positioned about an inch down from the top of the spoon) and a thin curved line for a nose (the tip of a toothpick works well for this).
  8. For the finishing touch, apply a dab of glue to the forehead and press a few strands of hair into it to give the top of the head a more rounded appearance.
Posted 9 years Ago
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