Whether you’re throwing a full-blown fête or simply hosting a small rainy day gathering, this versatile paper craft is guaranteed to enchant fairy fans. Kids can use the provided templates to create the familiar trio featured here, or they can tap into their imaginations to fashion their very own strings of sprites.

Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Manila file folder
  • Scissors
  • Craft paper, assorted colors and patterns or textures
  • Brown yarn and orange embroidery floss (for Fawn’s braid)
  • Glue dots
  • Glue stick

How To Make It

  1. Print the template and cut out the pieces.
  2. Cut a 7½- by 11-inch rectangle from the manila file folder and then accordion-fold it to create three equal-size panels. Position the fairy pal body template on top so that the hands extend a bit beyond the sides. Trace around the template, and cut along the trace lines, leaving the folds intact at the tips of the hands. Unfold the cutout to reveal the chain of fairy pals.
  3. Use the template pieces to cut out the Tinker Bell and Rosetta hair pieces from the specified colors of craft paper. Do the same for the Fawn fairy pal. Then fashion a braid (about 3¼ inches long) from strands of yarn tied with embroidery floss at both ends. Use a glue dot to stick the braid to the back hair piece, as shown.
  4. To attach the hair to each fairy pal, slip the top of the head through the slit in the front hair piece (this creates the bangs), and use a glue dot to attach the paper below the slit to the rear of the head. Next, glue the back hair piece to the back of the front piece, matching up all the edges.
  5. Now glue on the fairy outfits, sandwiching the body shapes between the matching pieces. Tip: Glue Rosetta’s skirt and Fawn’s pants on first so that their tops will overlap the waistbands. You can even cut out tiny paper shoes to glue onto the fairies’ feet, if you like.
  6. For the finishing touch, cut out wings for each fairy pal. For each set, fold a 4-inch square of white patterned or textured paper in half, and place the straight template edge at the fold. Cut along the template edge, leaving the portion at the fold intact. Open up the wings cutout and glue it to the back of the fairy pal body.


Cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 6 years Ago
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