Disney Princess-Inspired Sleeping Mask

Host a slumber party filled with magical towers, big adventures, and creative crafting. With just a few simple steps, your little one can make a sleeping mask for herself and her favorite Disney Princess-inspired bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Encourage your little princess to be creative and always dream big.

What You’ll Need

  • Felt (We used purple, pink, and gold)
  • Metallic gold fabric
  • Stick-on jewels
  • Elastic band
  • Paper and pencil

How To Make It

  1. Draw a sleeping mask template on paper for you and your bear.
  2. Cut out templates and test to make sure they fit each face.
  3. Use each template to cut out two layers of felt and one layer of metallic gold fabric for sleeping mask. Repeat these steps for your bear’s mask.
  4. To create a pop of color around the edge of each sleeping mask, trim one felt layer so it is about ¼ inch smaller. Trim the gold metallic fabric to match the smaller piece of felt.
  5. Hot glue the sleeping mask pieces together. Place the larger felt piece on bottom, the smaller felt piece next, and the gold metallic fabric on top. Make sure to leave the top edge of your mask unglued in order to add the crown. Hot glue the gold metallic fabric on top.
  6. Measure elastic band for each mask and hot glue into place between the two felt layers. For our bear’s mask, we measured about 11 inches. For the girl’s mask, we measured about 14 inches.
  7. Draw out your crown on paper to create a template. Make sure to include a tab about ½ an inch long at the bottom so you can easily glue it to your mask.
  8. Use the crown template to cut out gold felt and gold metallic fabric.
  9. To create a pop of color around the edge of the crown, trim down the gold metallic fabric crown so it is about ¼ inch smaller.
  10. Hot glue the crown into place, between the felt layers.
  11. Decorate your crown with stick on jewels and beads.
  12. Host a slumber party with your Disney Princess Inspired Bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop.


All cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 4 years Ago
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