Disney Villains-Inspired Wall Hangers of Terror

Image source: Disney FamilyImage source: Disney Family

Jack-o’-lanterns illuminate with an eerie glow, ghosts creep and spook, and black cats stalk the nooks and shadowy spots of your home. Let your walls (and doorways) exude a touch of terror, too!

Create a sinfully decorative Disney Villains wall hanger inspired by the baddest meanies of them all: the Queen of Hearts, Ursula and the Evil Queen.

Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Regular paper or cardstock (white)
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Glue stick
  • Adhesive putty or mounting strips
  • Queen of Hearts: Red yarn, 52 heart suit cards (from four decks), Red piece of fabric or table cloth (optional)
  • Ursula: Blue yarn, Purple fabric or table cloth (optional)
  • Evil Queen: Yellow yarn or gold ribbon, Gold metallic cardstock (optional), Brown piece of fabric, table cloth or kraft paper (optional)

How To Make It

  1. Download and print the Queen of Hearts, Ursula or Evil Queen wall hanger on regular paper or cardstock. Print each page of the cutouts twice, so you have enough to make each shape double sided. Cut out the shapes.

    Evil Queen (optional): For a little extra sparkle, use the crown cutout as a stencil to cut the crown shape out of gold metallic cardstock.

  2. Queen of Hearts:
    – Arrange half the hearts, printed sides down, into three vertical rows with seven hearts each. Leave small spaces between the hearts. Arrange half of the playing cards, face side down, in two vertical rows of seven cards and two vertical rows of six cards.

    – Arrange half of Ursula’s blue bubbles, printed sides down, into seven rows. Each row should include bubbles of all different sizes. Start with two shorter rows, then make two slightly longer rows, two more rows slightly longer than those, and one final row that is longer than the other six.

    Evil Queen:
    – Glue the dripping skull design on to one of the larger apple cutouts, as shown on the printable. Repeat for the second cutout.

    – Arrange the center strand by laying the skull apple, crown and four large apples, printed side down, in a vertical row, evenly spaced.

    – Arrange half of the small and large apples, printed side down, into six rows. Arrange two rows, each with five smaller apple cutouts, on either side of the center strand. Leave space between the apples so the crown cut-out can hang unobstructed. Arrange two rows, each with seven larger apple cutouts, evenly spaced, on either side of the middle rows. Arrange the last two rows, each with six smaller apples, evenly spaced, on the outer edges of the existing strands. The rows with smaller apple cut-outs should be slightly shorter than the rows with larger cut-outs. Check your design against the assembled wall image on the printable.

    Tip: The easiest way to do this, is to do one row at a time.

  3. Cut seven lengths of yarn about 3 to 5 inches longer than the rows of shapes.
  4. Tape the end of the first piece of red yarn (Queen of Hearts), blue yarn (Ursula), yellow yarn (Evil Queen) to the center-back of the bottom shape of the first vertical row. Lay the yarn over the rest of the shapes in that row, and then stick it in place with a small piece of tape on the back of each shape.

    Tape the other six lengths of yarn to the other rows of shapes in the same manner as the first.

  5. Glue the rest of the shapes onto the back side of their matching shape that’s attached to the yarn, so that each shape is double sided. This will ensure that even when the cutouts on the hanger move naturally, a printed image will always be showing.
  6. Queen of Hearts:
    – Place alternate strands of hearts and cards, at equal distances apart, along the wall as shown in the reference image. Use tape or adhesive poster strips to secure at the top.

    – Mount the rose cutouts near the top corners of the heart and card rows, in a pattern similar to the assembled wall image, using small pieces of adhesive putty or adhesive poster strips. These products can usually be removed without leaving marks on your wall, so they are ideal for temporary Halloween decorations.

  7. Ursula:
    – Arrange the rows of bubbles equal distances apart, with the shortest rows on the outside, on the floor in front of the wall you plan to decorate. Place the second-shortest rows inside of the first, followed by the next-longest rows, with the longest row in the center. The dangling rows of bubbles should form a V-shape, as shown in the main image.

    – Secure the strands in place along the wall, at equal distances apart, using tape or adhesive mounting strips.

  8. Evil Queen:
    – Secure the strands in place along the wall or above a doorway, at equal distances apart, using tape or adhesive mounting strips.
  9. Queen of Hearts (optional):
    – Pin or tape a piece of red fabric or table cloth to the wall as a backdrop before you hang the strands of hearts and cards. This will give the hanger even more of that Queen of Hearts flair. Or, hang the strands above a doorway to create a festive entry for your guests.

    Ursula (optional):
    – Pin a piece of purple fabric or table cloth to the wall as a backdrop before you tape the hanging strands. This will take your decor a little deeper into the sea and into Ursula’s cave. If you’d rather give your doorway an under-the-sea vibe, forget the background and tape the strands over a door frame.

    Evil Queen (optional):
    – If displaying on a wall, pin a piece of brown fabric, table cloth or kraft paper to the wall as a backdrop before you secure the hanging strands. This will make your poison apples pop and give your guests the feeling they are deep within the Evil Queen’s castle lair.


Cutting should be done by an adult.

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