As close-knit as Pooh and his pals are, it would be hard not to notice that Eeyore feels a little, well, overlooked. For starters, consider the way he perpetually hangs his floppy-eared head. And, if that’s not enough, there’s the mournful way he says, “Thanks for noticin’ me.” This Easter, I’m giving the doleful donkey his day by transforming craft paper, yarn, and a wooden egg into an endearing decoration that Eeyore himself would likely say is pretty “Ohhh-kayyy.”

Time: 1 hour

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden egg (tan or unpainted)
  • Masking tape
  • Small piece of a soft craft sponge
  • Blue acrylic craft paint
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tissue tube
  • Glue sealer, such as Mod Podge, and a soft paintbrush for applying it
  • Craft paper (blue and magenta)
  • Tacky glue and small stiff paintbrush to apply it
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Black fine-tipped permanent marker
  • Black yarn

How To Make It

  1. Wrap a piece of masking tape around the lower portion of the egg, positioning the upper edge ¾ inch from the bottom of the egg, and making sure it is well stuck. Sponge-paint the egg blue, and then set it aside to dry. (Tip: A piece of rolled paper secured with a staple or tape, makes a handy stand to set the egg on while the paint dries.)
  2. Cut a 2-inch length from the cardboard tissue tube. Then cut the tube up the back, and trim the upper front edge to create a shallow scallop shape, as shown. This will allow the rounded bottom of the egg (Eeyore’s muzzle) to show when the decoration is assembled.
  3. Overlap the ends of the cardboard and staple them together to create a 1¼-inch-wide tube. Paint the tube blue, and set it aside to dry.
  4. Print the template. Lightly brush a coat of glue sealer over the pair of eyes and let the sealer dry (this shouldn’t take long). Meanwhile, use the other template pieces as patterns for cutting out the specified shapes from colored craft paper.
  5. Glue the magenta inner ear pieces atop the blue outer ears. Once the glue is dry, fold each ear in half, as shown. Then fold down the top of each ear to make a ¼-inch tab.
  6. Refold the ears and trim the upper portion a bit, as shown, so that it will be narrower where it attaches to the head.
  7. Peel the tape off of the egg. Lightly pencil a vertical line on the face of the egg, starting at the very top and extending all the way to the bottom. Carefully trace over the line with black marker.
  8. Cut out the eyes and glue them onto the egg, positioning them so that the lower edges are ¼ inch from the unpainted muzzle and the sides are 1/8 inch from the center line.
  9. Pencil on the other facial features: eyebrows ¼ inch above the eyes, a pair of muzzle wrinkles and a short straight mouth 1/8 inch and 5/8 inch below the muzzle line respectively, and a pair of small oval nostrils spaced 3/8 inch apart. Carefully trace over the lines with black marker.
  10. Brush a protective coat of glue sealer on the egg, going right over the paper, to seal it and to give it a little sheen. Seal the surface of the tube and both sides of the ears, as well.
  11. For Eeyore’s forelock, use a piece of black yarn to tie together several other short lengths of black yarn. Unravel the yarn ends and trim them to a desirable length. Then glue the bunch to the top of the egg.
  12. Finally, glue the tops of the ears to the sides of the egg, as shown. Set the egg atop the tube stand, and your Eeyore decoration is ready for Easter.


Cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 6 years Ago
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