Add a Pop of Color to Your Kid’s Room With a Hidden Mickey Pom Pom Rug

hidden mickey pom pom rug
Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney Family

Ready for a fun project? Try this Mickey-shaped pom pom rug—also complete with Hidden Mickeys! It’s the perfect accent for your kids’ room or nursery. Plus, it’s super soft and cushy!

hidden mickey rug
Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney Family

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What You’ll Need

  • Colorful yarn
  • 3″ pom pom maker (or fork)
  • Scissors
  • 2 x 4″ rug pad
  • Pen

How To Make It

  1. To make a pom pom with a pom pom maker, start by wrapping yarn around one of the arms (the pink portion). Go back and forth along the arm until it’s nice and full.
  2. Without cutting off the yarn, close that arm, then continue wrapping around the second arm.
  3. Close that arm, then trim off the yarn.
  4. Take a pair of scissors and cut along the middle of each arm all the way around.
  5. Take a separate piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the maker. Pull it tightly, knot once and as tight as you can, then make a second knot to hold it.
  6. Open the arms. Pop open the maker by pulling on each circular side (the white portion).
  7. Trim the pom pom as needed, but don’t cut the extra long pieces that are tied around the middle.
  8. Repeat to make approximately 80 pom poms. Remember to make enough of one color to create the Hidden Mickeys!
  9. It’s helpful to play around with the Mickey shape, by arranging the pom poms before you tie them on. This way you get a general idea of how many pom poms you’ll need.
  10. Lay the rug pad out on the floor and sketch out a Mickey shape with a pen. Then cut out the shape.
  11. Tie the pom poms to the rug pad starting from the middle, working your way out. Don’t forget to add in the Hidden Mickeys as you go.
  12. Trim all the extra yarn on the bottom of your new rug.


All cutting should be done by an adult. And if you don’t have a pom pom maker, find out how to make pom poms by hand here.

Posted 3 years Ago
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