Craft Your Very Own Inside Out–Inspired Abstract Mini Mobile


Experience all the feels with this Inside Out–inspired abstract mini mobile DIY! Access your abstract thinking and bring a bit of Imagination Land to any room in the house.

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What You’ll Need

  • Colored paper (try glitter paper for added joy)
  • 3 wood dowels
  • 3 wood rings
  • Dark green colored pencil
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

How To Make It

  1. Mobile Steps: Tie three pieces of twine onto the wooden dowel, all at equal lengths from each other, and let them hang freely. Loop a longer piece of twine through the wooden ring and tie off the ends to each end of the wooden dowel.
  2. JOY: Cut out nine green circles in alternating sizes for Joy’s dress.
  3. Draw a flower pattern using a dark green colored pencil.
  4. Cut out four long, yellow rectangles for her arms.
  5. Cut out a blue hairpiece.
  6. Glue two arms and three dress pieces to the first and last strings of the mobile and glue the hairpiece and remaining three dress pieces to the middle string.
  7. BING BONG: Cut out a circle body, a triangle head, and a crescent-shaped trunk from hot pink paper.
  8. Cut out a bow tie, bowler hat, and tail from purple paper. Don’t forget the decorative stripes to make these pieces pop!
  9. Cut out two rectangle yellow and orange striped pants.
  10. Cut out one brown circle, and cut it in half to create jacket pieces.
  11. Cut out green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and red teardrop shapes, and attach them to a small green circle to create Bing Bong’s flower boutonniere.
  12. Glue his trunk, flower boutonniere, jacket half, and one leg piece to the first string of the mobile.
  13. Glue his bowler hat, triangle head, bow tie, and circle body to the middle string of the mobile.
  14. Glue the other jacket half, his tail, and remaining leg piece to the last string.
  15. SADNESS: Cut out a pair of purple glasses, and one small purple circle to be cut in half as her shoes.
  16. Cut out two long white rectangles, one large white rectangle, and one small white rectangle.
  17. Cut out one large, light blue circle for her head, and two small light blue circles as her legs.
  18. Cut out two medium, dark blue rectangles as her pants, and one dark blue hairpiece.
  19. Cut out two small rectangles for her arms, one large rectangle for her body, and two long rectangles as sweater accents.
  20. Glue the glasses, one small white rectangle, one medium dark blue rectangle, one small light blue circle, and one small purple half-circle onto the first string of the mobile.
  21. Glue the large light blue circle, two long white rectangles, and one large white rectangle to the middle string of the mobile.
  22. Glue the hairpiece, one small white rectangle, one medium dark blue rectangle, one small light blue circle, and one small purple half-circle onto the last string of the mobile.


All cutting and hot gluing should be done by an adult.

Posted 5 months Ago
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