Test Your Skills with This Mickey & Friends Memory Game

Entertain your little ones with this set of felt memory game cards, inspired by Mickey & Friends. Finding a matching pair is like magic!

To play the game

  1. Mix the tiles and lay in rows, face down.
  2. Turn over two cards at random. If they match, collect both tiles; if they don’t, turn them back over.
  3. Repeat in turns, aiming to collect as many cards as you can by remembering where the tiles are placed.
  4. The game is finished when all the cards have been matched and collected.

What You’ll Need

  • 4 sheets 15×15-inch blue felt
  • 2 sheets black felt and 1 sheet red, white, yellow, royal blue, pink, lime green, and grey felt
  • White crayon or chalk
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric marker

How To Make It

  1. Fold 15×15-inch blue felt square in half and cut it evenly down the middle to create two rectangular halves. Then cut each of these into halves, leaving you with four squares.
  2. Repeat step 1 with each square of felt, leaving you with 16 small felt tiles in total.
  3. Create 8 pairs of Mickey & Friends felt to add to the squares. Start with Mickey by using round objects to trace Mickey’s head onto a black piece of felt with white chalk or crayon. Then cut out.
  4. Then attach the Mickey silhouette to the blue felt tile with a dab of fabric glue, and let dry. Repeat for matching tile.
  5. For Minnie’s head, trace the same silhouette you created for Mickey onto a black piece of felt and cut it out. Then sketch a bow shape onto red felt. Glue to a blue felt tile with fabric glue and repeat for matching tile.
  6. For Mickey’s gloves, cut the shape of a small four-fingered hand out of white felt, as well as three small, rounded rectangles out of black felt. Glue the rectangles onto the white glove and let dry, then glue to a blue felt tile. Repeat for matching tile.
  7. For Mickey’s shorts, sketch a semicircle with two small rectangles at its rounded base on red felt and cut out. Add buttons by cutting round ovals from yellow felt. Glue pieces together then glue to a blue felt tile. Repeat for matching tile.
  8. For Donald’s hat, sketch a rounded bean shape onto a piece of royal blue felt and cut out with scissors. To create the bottom of his hat, cut a small rectangle out of black felt and arrange below the royal blue felt. Lastly, cut a small ribbon shape out of red fabric. Arrange as pictured on a blue felt tile and glue together. Repeat for matching tile.
  9. For Daisy’s bow, sketch out a bow shape onto pink felt. Cut thin strips of black felt to add details to the bow, glue together. Glue to a blue felt tile and repeat to create matching pair.
  10. For Goofy’s hat, trace hat shape onto lime green felt and cut out. Cut two long ovals and a small rectangle from black felt to create Goofy’s ears and a band for his hat. Assemble, then glue to a blue tile. Repeat for matching tile.
  11. For Pluto’s collar and bone, cut a rounded rectangle from green felt and glue a small, grey oval to add dog tag. Then cut a bone shape out of white felt. Arrange the shapes as pictures and glue onto a blue tile, repeating for matching tile.


All cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 4 years Ago
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