Oh Boy! It’s off to Disney Parks you go. But not before you transform an ordinary sketchbook into a Mickey autograph book.

This ear-resistibly cute book can be used to collect signatures from all your favorite Disney stars and characters.

Time: 25 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Small sketchbook with black cover
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Two white or gold buttons
  • Clear sealer
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • Industrial strength glue
  • Foam brushes

How To Make It

  1. A small black sketchbook makes a great base for an autograph book.
  2. Use painter’s tape or masking tape to mask off just over half of the bottom of the book cover. Wrap the tape around to the insides of the covers and go all the way around the book. Make sure the tape is stuck to the cover all the way in the “gutter” area next to the spine so that paint will not seep under the tape. you also may want to measure from the bottom of the book to the bottom of the tape in a few spots to make sure the tape is perfectly straight.

    If the cover has a glossy finish, you may want to very lightly sand the surface that you are going to paint below masking tape.

  3. Use a foam brush to paint the bottom half of the book red. Paint many light coats instead of a few heavy coats, and dry between coats (a hairdryer can help to speed up this process). Since you are painting over black, this will take several coats. Paint the front, spine and back of the book.
  4. When the paint is dry, remove the masking tape. To keep the paint from chipping and to give the cover a consistent finish, paint a thin coat of sealer over the covers and allow to dry.
  5. Use an industrial strength glue to glue the white or gold buttons onto the red portion of the cover. Follow the glue instructions for drying time (it may need up to 24 hours to completely set and form a strong bond).
Posted 5 years Ago
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