Mickey & Minnie DIY Holiday Wreath

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A wreath hung on a front door is a symbol of seasonal good cheer, welcoming family, friends and other visitors into your home for warmth and celebration. Make your favorite Disney characters a part of that tradition by creating your own Minnie-and-Mickey-themed ornaments out of craft foam.

Adorn an evergreen wreath with their smiling faces and other festive decorations for a DIY doorway showstopper.

Time: 60 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Real or synthetic evergreen wreath
  • Regular paper (white)
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Craft foam sheets in black, white, red, yellow, peach and pink
  • Hole punch
  • White or foam glue
  • Yarn or narrow ribbon
  • Small Christmas ornaments

How To Make It

  1. Download and print the Mickey and Minnie Wreath printables on regular paper. Cut out all of the templates. Keep the pieces in separate piles.
  2. For the Mickey and Minnie heads:
    Trace around the templates for the Mickey and Minnie head, the two irises, the mouth and the nose on a sheet of black craft foam. You need two of each shape and two pairs of irises — one for Minnie and one for Mickey. Also trace twice around the face shape on white craft foam and twice around the tongue shapes on peach craft foam. On pink craft foam, trace once around the smaller bow and bow center templates. Cut out all the foam pieces.
  3. For Mickey:
    Apply glue to the back of the peach face shape and stick it down in the center of the black head shape. Glue the mouth at the bottom of the face, lining up the curve of the bottom lip with the curve of the chin. Glue the nose, horizontally and centered, just above the mouth, then the two eyes right above the nose. Next, glue the pink tongue over the lower center part of the mouth, and the two irises in the lower center parts of the eyes.
  4. For Minnie:
    Glue the foam shapes for Minnie’s face together in the same way as you did for Mickey’s. Glue the pink center of Minnie’s bow in the center of the pink bow shape. Punch out several circles of white craft foam with a hole punch and glue these over the bow to make polka dots. Glue the bow to the top of Minnie’s head so that it covers parts of her ears.
  5. For Minnie’s bow:
    Trace around the bow backing template on black craft foam. Trace around the left and right bow halves, the bow center and the inside peek templates on pink craft foam. Cut out all the shapes and punch more circles from the sheet of white craft foam. Glue the left and right halves, center and inside peek pieces onto the backing so that there is just a narrow margin of black showing around the edges of the pink pieces. Glue white dots all over the pink pieces to create polka dots.
  6. For Mickey’s shorts:
    Trace around the shorts backing template on black foam, the shorts front template on red foam and the button templates on white foam. Cut out all the shapes. Glue the red front to the black backing, centering the front so that just a narrow margin of black shows around the edges. Glue the white ovals for the shorts vertically to the center of the red front piece, spacing the buttons a short distance apart.
  7. For the gloves:
    Trace around the glove backing and the three wrinkle shapes on black foam. Trace around the glove front on white foam. Trace around each shape twice if you wish to make two gloves. Cut out all the shapes. Glue the white front shapes to the black backing shapes, centering the fronts so that an even margin of black foam shows around all the edges. Glue the three wrinkles, with the pointed ends down, to the middle of each glove front. Leave small gaps between the wrinkles.
  8. For the Mickey Santa hat:
    Trace around the Santa hat backing on black foam, the hat front on red foam and the cuff and ball on white foam. Cut out the shapes. First glue the red front shape to the center of the backing, making sure that the folded peak of the hat is just above the place where the ball shape will be glued. The side edges of the hat should be centered between the ears, and there should be enough room at the bottom for the cuff. Glue the cuff along the bottom of the backing, then glue the ball in place at the base of the hat’s peak. If necessary, let the top edges of the cuff and ball overlap the bottom edge of the red hat front.
  9. For the Minnie gift:
    Trace the four squares (marked top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right) on green foam. Trace the main backing piece, the bow and tag backing, the top ribbon, the bottom ribbon and the Minnie gift bow left, right and center pieces on black foam. Trace the gift tag on yellow foam. Cut out all the shapes, keeping the four gift front pieces and the two ribbon pieces in the correct order so that you know which shape goes where. Punch out 10 to 15 polka dots from white foam using a hole punch.
  10. Glue the four green squares in their correct positions at the top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right corners of the main backing piece, leaving a small margin of black showing at the outer edges. Glue the top and bottom ribbon pieces in position at the center-top and center-bottom of the backing. Glue the gift tag backing in place at the top of the backing so that the tag is glued over the ribbon and left front pieces, as shown. Glue the yellow tag in the center of the tag backing, and the three bow pieces on top of the bow backing. Finally, glue white polka dots all over the bow.
  11. When all the glue has thoroughly dried, flip all the shapes over so that the backs are facing you. Cut 5- to 7-inch strands of yarn or narrow ribbon. Squeeze a blob of glue in the center of the back of each shape and press the center of a strand of ribbon or yarn into the glue. Let the glue dry.
  12. Tie the foam ornaments around a real or synthetic evergreen wreath using the yarn or ribbon ties. Position the ornaments however you wish. Fill in the gaps by tying small Christmas ornaments, such as baubles, stars and candy canes, between the foam ones.


Cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

If the foam pieces slip around as you glue multiple layers together, take your time and let each layer dry before gluing the next one. For example, let the glue between Mickey’s face and head dry before you glue the eyes and mouth onto the face; then wait for the glue to dry once more before gluing on the irises and tongue.

Only use white glue or special foam glue for the ornaments; hot glue and other glues can dissolve craft foam.

Give the wreath a little sparkle with small sparkly ornaments, or by spritzing it with a little spray glitter before adding the ornaments. You could also spray fake snow on the top of the wreath.

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