Craft This Pom Pom Bike Basket for the Minnie Fan in Your Life

minnie pom pom bike basket
Image source: Disney Family

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There is no doubt about it. Minnie Mouse is a true style icon, especially for our little ones! From her favorite red and pink accents to the polka dots, what’s not to love?

With nicer weather, we’re embracing true Minnie style with an adorable DIY Minnie Mouse Bike Basket—perfect for Disney family adventures.

minnie pom pom bike basket
Image source: Disney Family

With just a few supplies, you can turn a basket into your kiddo’s favorite accessory—complete with colorful pom poms. It’s any little Minnie fan’s dream!

minnie pom pom bike basket
Image source: Disney Family

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What You’ll Need

  • Minnie Mouse template
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Fabric basket
  • Pencil
  • Black and red embroidery floss
  • 1 1/2-3″ plastic embroidery needle
  • Different shades of pink and red yard
  • Fork, or pom pom maker in 2 or 3 sizes
  • 2 zip ties

How To Make It

  1. Download, print, and cut out the Minnie template. Cut the head/ears and bow out separately.
  2. Place the head and ears portion of the template onto the front of the basket and trace it with a pencil. Then, place the bow portion on the basket and trace the rest of the shape.
  3. Thread the needle with black embroidery floss and begin stitching over the head and ears shape. Use a back or split stitch for a neat result. We used a back stitch. For each stitch, come up then back to the end of the last stitch, and repeat.
  4. Next, thread your needle with red embroidery floss and stitch over the bow shape. Use the same stitch as the head and ears.
  5. Make various sizes of pom poms with the yarn. If you’re using a pom pom maker, click here for the instructions. If you’re making them by hand, click here.
  6. Use the embroidery floss and needle to attach the pom poms to the top of the basket, varying the colors.
  7. Finally, use zip ties to attach the basket to your bike.


All cutting and sewing should be done by an adult.

Posted 2 years Ago
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