Looking a bit like a lime green potato sack and hailing from Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie has an insatiable appetite for bugs. Luckily for him, his three trick-or-treater henchmen, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, feed him a steady supply via a metal chute extending from their clubhouse to his underground lair. Made in his likeness, this bright green felt monster is great for storing your child’s toy insects, spiders, and the like.

Time: 30 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Pins for attaching the template pieces to the felt
  • 2 small sheets of green felt (neon green or lime green look especially good)
  • Black felt scraps
  • Needle and black thread
  • Low-temperature hot glue gun
  • 2 pipe cleaners

How To Make It

  1. Print the template and use the pieces to cut out the shapes in the specified colors of felt.
  2. Snip eyeholes, a mouth opening, and a 3-inch stomach slit in one of the body pieces
  3. Now sew a row of stitches above and below the stomach slit, as shown. Sew a few more stitches in the top of the head, if you like.
  4. Flip the stitched body piece over and glue the black felt patches over the openings in the head and stomach.
  5. Cut a mouth slit and a stomach slit in the respective patches, as shown. (Having a double layer of felt will help keep the opening edges from curling and stretching when inserting and removing toy bugs.)
  6. Now make the monster’s feet. For each foot, glue together a pair of felt cutouts.
  7. Sandwich a pipe cleaner between them, as shown.
  8. Glue the feet pieces atop the unstitched monster body, bending the pipe cleaner tops to extend the length of the arms, as shown.
  9. Apply a line of glue along the entire perimeter of the body piece, going right over the ankles. Then set the stitched body piece on top of it and press down on the edges to stick them together.


Cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

Posted 5 years Ago
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