One of the most hilarious and endearing characters in Disney’s animated feature, Frozen, is a little snowman named Olaf.  This little guy who is always falling apart (literally) and spends a good deal of his time daydreaming about summertime and being warm, not really understanding the effect that would have on a person made of snow.  You can make your own miniature version of Olaf and help his dream to come true in a small way when you bake his likeness in the oven without the fear of having him turn into a puddle of water.

Catch the premiere of Frozen on Disney Channel on Sunday, February 14th at 7pm.

Time: 1 hour

What You’ll Need

  • A smooth working surface
  • Wax or butcher paper
  • Polymer clay – white, black, orange (optional color: brown)
  • Small dark, and dry twigs
  • Glue
  • Plastic (non-sharp) clay sculpting tools

How To Make It

  1. Make four white balls of clay by rolling the clay in a circular motion on a flat, clean surface. When finished you should have the approximate sphere sizes:
    1) One 1 inch ball
    2) One 3/4 inch ball
    3) Two 1/2 inch balls

    Put them together as shown to make the body and legs.

  2. Next, make an “ovalish”-shaped head that is roughly the size of the two parts of the body you just built. Take care not to make the head too big, or you may have trouble balancing the character and getting him to stand when complete. Now’s the fun part. Try molding and shaping the head shape to look like the pictured image. Sculpt a smile by giving Olaf a bit of an overbite, extending his top lip outward and add a small trapezoidal piece of clay for the teeth to rest back under the lip as pictured. Pinch and build on the cheeks as necessary.
  3. Now make Olaf’s carrot nose using the orange clay. Taper the point. Roll a small ball of clay for the eyes and cut it in half to make to half-spheres and rest them touching each other just above the nose. Then using any clean tool handy, push an implement into the eyes to make round holes that set deep into the back of the head as shown. Stick the small twigs into the sides of the top part of the body for the arms and stick 3 small twigs atop his head for hair.
  4. Roll some black clay and fill the eye holes with it to make the pupils. Make 3 more small buttons and place them on his belly as shown.
  5. If you bought the optional brown clay, use it to make small eyebrows. If you didn’t, just use black clay. You can also roll a super thin black “string” out of the clay and put it above the eye as shown to add more depth to Olaf’s eyes.
  6. Take the twigs out carefully before baking and place them back in with a small amount of glue.


Helpful Tip: Wash your hands between colors as the remnant color will stick to your fingers and stain the color you want to work on next. If you decide to bake your final result, verify on your packaging whether or not your choice of clay may be put in the oven, and if so follow the directions exactly as all brands vary. Make sure you balance your snowman so he stands before baking him. You may want to cut straight across a thin layer of clay at the bottom of his feet so he can stand square to the ground.

Cutting and baking should be done by an adult.

Posted 7 years Ago
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