Princess Aurora’s Flower Pots

Pink! Blue! Pink! Blue! Flora and Merriweather argue about what color Princess Aurora’s dress should be. Create a flower pot (or two) that takes inspiration from this iconic moment from Sleeping Beauty.

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden planter (Not varnished or painted)
  • All purpose dye
  • Large glass bowl
  • Water

How To Make It

  1. Fill bowl with 4 cups of room temperature water. Add 4 fluid ounces of dye and stir.
  2. Dip wooden planter into dye just a tiny bit and let dry completely.
  3. Once dry, dip wooden planter into bowl again, adding a bit more depth this time. As the dye covers the first layer, the coloring will get darker. Let dry completely.
  4. Dip wooden planter into bowl for a third time, adding a bit more depth than the first two layers. Let dry.
  5. Dip wooden planter into bowl for a fourth time, adding the last layer of dye.
  6. Plant your favorite fern or succulent into the planter.


Line the inside of the wooden planter with plastic bags or a plastic planter to prevent wetness or leaking when watering plant.

Posted 4 years Ago
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