You don’t have to look twice to realize the Red Queen has an eggs-traordinarily big head. No wonder the crown she stole from the White Queen looks so tiny atop her curly red tresses. Here’s a fun way to put the impetuous Iracabeth in her place — holding court in this year’s lineup of Easter eggs.

Time: 1 hour

What You’ll Need

  • White hard-boiled egg
  • Scissors
  • Craft paper (green, yellow or gold, and white)
  • Black plastic bottle cap
  • Blue colored pencil
  • Fine-tipped black marker
  • Tiny sticker heart or paper heart (about 1/4-inch wide by 3/8-inch high)
  • Fine-tipped black marker

How To Make It

  1. Print the template and use the specified pieces to cut the queen’s hair from red paper and a crown from yellow or gold paper.
  2. Snip tabs in the lower edge of the red hair shape as indicated on the template.
  3. Fold all but the center tab back. Then trim the center tab to create a small widow’s peak.
  4. If you like, you can give the hair even more of a curly dimensional effect by gluing on several red paper circles (red dot labels, sold at office supply stores, work well too).
  5. Glue the crown to the hair. Set the hair aside for now.
  6. Cut out a pair of eyes from the template and shade in the spaces above the pupils with blue colored pencil. Then use the black marker to draw on eyelashes. Use glue dots to stick the eyes onto the egg.
  7. Stick the heart sticker (or paper heart) in place for the mouth. Then draw a short, thin frown line right across the center of the heart.
  8. Draw two small nostril lines right above the heart mouth and a round beauty mark on one cheek.
  9. Now create a stand for the egg. First, fashion a white shirt collar for the queen by folding a small square of white paper into a triangle. Press the center of the triangle down into the bottle cap so that the corners stick up. Then set the egg in the cap atop the paper.
  10. Finally, set the hair piece atop the egg and use bits of glue dots to stick the folded tabs to the egg.


Cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 7 years Ago
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