Remind Your Kids to Drink More Water with This DIY Mickey Magnet


Does your family drink enough water? It is certainly one of those things that can get overlooked or forgotten most days. I remember when I was little, if I ever complained about anything my mother would always ask, “Have you had any water today?” Drinking water was her cure all. I find myself doing the same with my own daughter now. With schedules jam packed from the moment we wake-up, it can be difficult to keep your family hydrated. We always have a water cup filled for my three-year-old daughter Mila. We offer her water with every snack and meal, but some days it feels like she still hasn’t had enough. In our family, we strive to make everything fun, even within our everyday routine. Since we needed a little help remembering to drink water, I was inspired by the new Disney Insulated Sippy Cups to create this cute Mickey themed magnet with Mila. We’ve been using it alongside the Share the Smiles™ App to make sure Mila drinks enough water every day. The best part? Mila now gets excited when she has to drink her water or refill her cup!


These new Disney Insulated Sippy Cups are so fun and exciting to use! We love how the cups not only feature our favorite Mickey and Friends Characters but are also interactive. Each cup comes with a code at the bottom that you scan with your smartphone while using the Share the Smiles™ App. Once you scan your cup using the Share the Smiles™ App, fun images will appear on the screen to take photos or videos with! We’ve been using the app with our Disney Insulated Sippy Cups all the time and even love taking fun selfies to send to my husband to remind him to drink his water. I thought these new sippy cups alongside my ‘Drink Your Water’ magnet D.I.Y. would be the perfect (and fun) reminder for your children to drink enough water throughout the day.


This helpful DIY is inspired by Disney and features a large Mickey or Minnie magnet with an empty center, as well as little water drop magnets that go in the center of the Mickey or Minnie shapes. The idea is that each time your little one finishes a cup of water, they move one of their little water drop magnets into the center of the Mickey or Minnie magnet. By the end of the day, the Mickey or Minnie magnet should be filled with the water drop magnets. We typically use around four or five water drop magnets a day since it was recommended to us that three-year-olds drink around five eight oz. cups of water. The Disney Insulated Sippy Cups hold nine oz. so Mila will typically aim to drink four a day. Always ask your child’s doctor how much water your child should be consuming. Now with this helpful reminder magnet, along with our Disney Insulated Sippy Cups and the Share the Smiles™ App, drinking water has become similar to a game for Mila!


This craft is so fun and simple! It only requires four supplies (or five if you want to make Minnie.) If your child is anything like mine they LOVE to use scissors, and this is perfect opportunity for your child to practice using scissors. A couple tips, I’d recommend having them use child scissors and letting them practice while the glue dries. Also, if you aren’t too keen on waiting for regular glue to dry, you can always use hot glue. Just be sure to keep your children away from the glue gun while it is in use as it can get extremely hot.

During craft time, I like to set out a snack bowl and keep Mila’s water cup nearby. This way, if at any point Mila wants a snack or sip of water, it is close and I don’t have to leave her with the craft supplies.

Check out the Disney Insulated Sippy Cups at Walmart.com and Target.com and don’t forget to download the Share the Smiles app. It has honestly been so fun playing around with their new cups and taking selfies with our favorite Disney characters! I am so excited to share these with you all. Now, stay hydrated!


What You’ll Need

  • Black, blue and pink foam paper
  • Mickey mouse template (click download PDF)
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Small white pom poms
  • White glue
  • Small round magnets

How To Make It

  1. Start by printing and cutting out the Mickey template. Trace the template onto a piece of black foam paper and cut it out. TIP – If your child can’t carefully cut out the Mickey shape, draw a circle for them to try cutting out. Or try guiding their hands while cutting the Mickey shape. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. The more your child does, the prouder they’ll feel of their work. Plus, the practice is great for them!
  2. Now, you’ll need to cut a circle within the Mickey shape. This will be where the water drop magnets will go. The easiest way to do this is to fold the Mickey shape in half, then using the scissors, make a cut in the center of the fold. Unfold the Mickey shape and place scissors within the cut you just made. Slowly cut a circle shape within the Mickey shape. TIP – Draw a circle within Mickey’s head to help guide you as you cut.
  3. Want to make your Mickey a Minnie? Draw and cut out a bow shape onto the pink foam paper. Then glue small white pom poms to it to create Minnie’s classic pink polka dot bow! Simply glue the pink polka dot bow to Mickey’s head and now you have Minnie.
  4. Turn your Mickey or Minnie over and glue two or three magnets to the back. I think a good rule is, one magnet for each ear and one for the head portion. Wait for the glue to fully dry before placing on your refrigerator.
  5. Next draw water drop shapes on the blue foam paper and cut them out. TIP – I think it is important to set out some extra craft materials so that your child can play if their creativity sparks in another direction. For example, I drew small, simple shapes on the foam paper for Mila to practice her cutting. She would help me cut out the water drops and she loved gluing too. But I sort of followed her lead and let her doodle and cut when she wanted to express her creativity. Crafting with your toddler gets their brains working and learning in such incredible ways. Fostering their creativity is one of the best things you can do for your child. Just remember that when they squeeze the glue bottle to hard and the glue gets everywhere.
  6. Now glue one small magnet to the back of each water drop. Wait for the glue to fully dry before placing them on the refrigerator.
  7. Once all the glue is fully dry it is time to start using your Drink Your Water Reminder Magnet! Place the Mickey or Minnie magnet on your refrigerator and the blue water drop magnets right beside it. As your child drinks their water, have them place a blue water drop magnet into the center of their Mickey or Minnie magnet. You can use one water drop for each cup of water.
Posted 1 year Ago
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