Sally’s Patchwork Pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin with Sally’s patchwork and stitching, and place her next to Jack. They’ll sit together, now and forever.

Time: 2 hours

What You’ll Need

  • Pumpkin
  • Paint
  • Assorted fabric squares
  • Yarn
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun

How To Make It

  1. Paint pumpkin one solid color. It may take a few coats to cover entirely.
  2. Cut fabric squares into different sizes. It’s okay if they fray a little.
  3. Use a hot glue fun to attach fabric to pumpkin.
  4. Cut pieces of yarn into small pieces to look like stitching.
  5. Hot glue the yarn onto the pumpkin, placed in between and around the fabric squares.
  6. Use a permanent marker to draw zig zag lines on the fabric squares to look like stitching.


Hot glue gun use should be supervised by an adult.

Posted 5 years Ago
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