For a loner like Victor, Sparky is far more than a pooch — he’s an irreplaceable friend. Made in the little dog’s pre-stitched likeness, this no-sew pillow doubles as a tote-around pal.

Time: 25 minutes

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • ½ yard square white felt
  • 9- by 12-inch sheet plain or textured black felt
  • Two 6-inch pipe cleaner lengths
  • Glue gun
  • 2 small black buttons (about 3/8-inch in diameter)
  • Polyester fiberfill (or other suitable filling for stuffing the pillow)
  • Wooden spoon

How To Make It

  1. Print the template and cut out the pieces. Tape the pillow backing top and bottom pieces together, as shown. Do the same with the two pillow face pieces.
  2. Use the template pieces as patterns to cut out the shapes from the specified colors of felt.
  3. Bend the pipe cleaner lengths into V shapes and hot-glue them atop the ears on the pillow backing (this will allow you to pose the ears in different positions). Then glue the black felt ears on top. Next, place one of the black mouth pieces atop the lower portion of the backing, as shown, and glue down the side edges. Leave the top edge open (this will be stuffed with fiberfill later).
  4. Assemble the eyes by first gluing the white circles atop the black ones. Then glue on the button “pupils,” positioning them slightly below and right of center. Now glue the eyes and eyebrows in place on the pillow face.
  5. Flip the face over and attach the second black mouth piece to the bottom in the same manner described in step three.
  6. Place the pillow face atop the backing. Then flip the nose up, as shown, and glue the upper edges of the two black mouth pieces together.
  7. Glue the nose pieces back-to-back, sandwiching the lower tip of the face between them.
  8. Fold the upper face down over the nose/mouth, as shown. Working quickly, apply a line of hot glue all along the edge of the backing except for a 3-inch length on one side. Fold the face back up and press the two layers together along the glued edges to make them stick. Stuff the pillow through the opening, using a wooden spoon handle, if needed, to push the fiberfill down into the pockets formed by the black mouth pieces.
  9. Finally, hot-glue the opening closed, and the pillow is ready to use.


Cutting and gluing should be done by an adult.

Posted 7 years Ago
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