Make the best bike basket ever with this Tangled-inspired tutorial.

What You’ll Need

  • Assorted felt
  • Craft flowers
  • Basket
  • Hot glue
  • String
  • Yellow yarn
  • Zip cords
  • Scissors

How To Make It

  1. Take a strand of yellow yarn and measure it around the top of your basket, making sure you add an extra couple inches. Cut about 15-20 pieces of yellow yarn and separate them into a pile. Repeat twice so you’re left with three bundles of yellow yarn.
  2. Secure the three bundles of yarn at the top with tape. Braid the three strands, leaving about an inch or two of unbraided yarn at the bottom. Cut a small strand of yarn and use it to tie the braid at the bottom. Repeat for the top of the braid.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, glue your braid onto the top edge of the basket, securing the braid to the glue.
  4. Take your craft flowers and intersperse them throughout the braid, using glue to secure them.
  5. Using a pair of scissors, cut out small triangles from the assorted felt. Take your string and measure it around the middle of your basket, cutting it to the length you want. Glue the small triangles onto the strand of string. Let dry. Glue the strand of small triangles onto the middle of the basket.
  6. Download and print the Pascal template. Use felt to create a mini pascal and glue it onto your basket for the full Tangled effect!


Have an adult help with the hot glue gun and scissors.

Posted 4 years Ago
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