How to Make DIY Holiday Crackers Inspired by Toy Story 4


Ho, ho, howdy, everyone! Surprise your family with DIY holiday crackers inspired by Toy Story 4. Fill them with small gifts of your choice, and then grab a partner to help you pull the ends to reveal the surprise. Saddle up to see how they’re made.

What You’ll Need

  • 12 toilet paper rolls
  • Tissue paper, white, yellow, light blue, and green
  • Assorted colored ribbon
  • White round buttons
  • 1 pink or purple flower-shaped button
  • Tan leather cord
  • Red yarn
  • Gold star stickers
  • Round gem stickers
  • Red marker
  • Black adhesive felt sheet
  • Hot glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cracker snaps (optional: creates the snapping/popping noise when pulled)
  • Small gifts, like tiny toys, candy, jokes, or confetti

How To Make It

  1. Place small gifts into six whole toilet paper rolls. You can place them in tissue paper to prevent the candy/toys from falling out, if needed. Cut the other 6 paper rolls in half.
  2. You’ll need 4 sheets of tissue paper per holiday cracker. Use the blue tissue for Bo Peep, green tissue for Buzz Lightyear, white tissue for Forky and Jessie, and yellow tissue for Woody and Gabby Gabby.
  3. Place 1 whole toilet roll and 2 halves lengthwise on the tissue paper, leaving approximately a 1 ½-inch gap in between the tubes. Use a bit of glue or tape to secure the tubes in place. Measure the width and height of the tissue paper needed so that it will cover the 3 tubes. Cut the remaining colors of tissue paper to the same measurements. For Woody, draw red horizontal and vertical lines on the yellow tissue paper using a ruler and a red marker.
  4. If you’re using cracker snaps, glue the sides of the cracker snap onto the tissue paper about a ½ -inch from the edge. Make sure not to glue down the center of the cracker snap, because it needs to break to make the popping noise. You can cut the ends of the snap if it sits longer than your tissue paper.
  5. Roll the 3 tubes across the tissue paper until they’re fully covered, and secure the edges with tape.
  6. Hold one end of the holiday cracker and gently push down so it connects with the center tube. Secure by tying a colored ribbon, a different color for each character: pink for Bo, yellow for Gabby, purple for Buzz, red with white stitching for Jessie, red for Forky, and the tan leather cord for Woody. Repeat the same steps for the other end.
  7. Now it’s time to decorate! For Jessie, cut out patch shapes with the black adhesive felt. Peel the backing, then stick them on the white tissue roll. Attach a yellow ribbon and white button with hot glue.For Buzz, attach the blue, green, and red gem stickers to the tube, and wrap the white, purple, and black ribbon around it. Secure the ends with hot glue. For Woody, adhere gold star stickers to the tube, and attach a red ribbon and white buttons.For Forky, attach a blue ribbon, a rainbow ribbon, and the red yarn. For Gabby, attach a yellow polka dot ribbon, a white ribbon, a lace ribbon, and a white button. For Bo, attach a lace ribbon, a pink ribbon, and a flower button.
  8. Enjoy!


All cutting and hot gluing should be done by an adult.
Makes 6 Holiday Crackers

Posted 2 months Ago
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