DIY Jessie-Approved Cowgirl Costume

jessie costume
image source: lily glass | disney family

Yee-haw! Your little one can channel Jessie’s free-spirited cowgirl style with a fun DIY costume. All you need is a collared shirt, old pair of jeans, some paint, and accessories. A horse wouldn’t hurt either!

This DIY Jessie Costume makes for an adorable Toy Story-inspired weekend of dress up or for Halloween.

diy Jessie costume
image source: lily glass

For another Toy Story craft, watch this Jessie and Bullseye Ring Toss tutorial:


What You’ll Need

  • White collared shirt
  • Paintbrushes
  • Yellow, white, and black fabric paint
  • Scissors
  • White and yellow felt
  • Red puffy fabric paint
  • Jeans
  • Felt glue
  • Accessories: cowgirl hat, belt, and boots

How To Make It

  1. Using the shoulder and arms seams of the white shirt as a guideline, paint the top third with yellow fabric paint. Use a scalloped design on the bottom edge. Let dry.
  2. Cut two strips of yellow felt long enough to wrap around the cuff of the sleeve, about 4 inches wide.
  3. Using the red puffy paint, apply Jessie’s swirl design to one edge of the yellow felt cuffs. Let dry. 
  4. Paint the legs of the jeans white — leaving the top portion uncovered just like Jessie’s. Let dry.
  5. Once the top of the shirt is dry, use the red paint to apply the swirl design on top and outline the scalloped bottom edge. Set aside to dry.
  6. Add black cow spots to the jeans. You can’t go wrong here, just act like you’re painting black clouds in various sizes. And let dry.
  7. Use the felt glue to attach the yellow cuffs to each sleeve, overlapping the edges in a deep ‘v.’ This creates the cone shape of the cuff. The red painted design should be toward the forearm, away from the wrist.
  8. Accessorize with a red cowgirl hat, large brown belt, boots, and a horse (optional).


All cutting should be done by an adult.

Posted 3 years Ago
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