DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume for Kids

Boy in DIY Peter Pan Costume

One of my favorite things to do every fall is make my kids’ Halloween costumes. I’m not really into dressing up myself, but I love dressing my kids up and coming up with coordinating costumes for the two of them. This year we settled on Peter Pan and Captain Hook, so today I want to show you an easy tutorial for making a perfect Peter Pan halloween costume. And don’t forget to come back and check out the Captain Hook costume next week!

DIY Peter Pan Costume


  • 1/2 yard green knit fabric
  • green polo shirt (mine was from Old Navy for $7)
  • 2 sheets green felt
  • 1 sheet red felt
  • 1″ wide elastic
  • wire
  • child’s belt
  • child’s moccasins


  1. Use a pair of baby leggings as a pattern and lay them, folded in half, flat on a piece of paper (parchment, medical, or regular paper all work). Cut around them to create a pattern piece. Then pin your pattern along the fold of your knit fabric and cut around them. Do this twice to create two legs for your leggings. You should now have two identical leggings.
    Peter Pan legging template
    Image Source: Merrick White

    Green Peter Pan Leggings
    Image Source: Merrick White
  2. Open each leg up and fold the bottom of it up twice and then zigzag along it. (Alternatively, sew a double seam using a double needle.) Both will allow the fabric to stretch so you can slide the leggings easily. Repeat for the second leg.

    Green Fabric for Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  3. Place the two legs together with right sides together, and sew up the sides from the waistband to the crotch.

    Green Fabric for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  4. Then fold the leggings in the other direction and sew the inseams from ankle to ankle, going across the crotch, as shown.

    Green Fabric for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  5. Now let’s create a casing for the elastic. Fold the waistband over, creating a fold about 1 1/4″ tall. Sew around the waistband with a straight stitch at the bottom of the casing. Leave 3″ of the seam open so you can slide your elastic in.

    Green Fabric for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  6. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and feed it through the casing until both ends are sticking out. Sew the ends together securely, then tuck them inside the casing and sew up the 3″ of the casing. And you’re done with the leggings!

    Green Fabric for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  7. Next up, the shirt. Start with a regular polo shirt. Use a seam ripper and remove all the buttons. Then take a marker and mark your zigzag cuts. Cut along the zigzags. [Note: I bought 3 sizes bigger than normal so it would be a tunic length even after cutting the zigzag hem. You may need to take in the sides so it’s not so baggy!]

    Green Shirts for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  8. And lastly, the hat! From your two pieces of green felt, cut two identical slanted triangles. Pin them together and sew up the two sides with a straight stitch, leaving the bottom open. Turn right-side-out and set aside.
  9. From your red felt, cut two identical feathers. Place them together and sew up the non-curved side with a straight stitch. Turn right-side-out. Then sew up the curved side.
  10. Cut a piece of wire and slide it inside the feather, securing the tip of the wire with glue or by folding the very tip over the felt so it doesn’t move around. Trim the wire down to the end of your feather.
  11. Place the feather where you want it on the hat and sew over the end of it to secure it in place. [Alternatively, you can glue it!] And you’re done with the hat!

    Craft Supplies for DIY Peter Pan Costume
    Image Source: Merrick White
  12. Now put them all together, wrap a baby belt like this one from One Little Beltaround that tunic, and throw on a pair of moccasins like these ones from Freshly Picked to complete the look!
    Boy in Peter Pan Costume
Posted 6 years Ago
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