13 DIY Sensory Bags to Improve Your Baby’s Cognitive Skills

DIY Sensory Bags
Image Source: Babble

For those of you with a pint-sized family member at home, you may have heard of the latest baby toy trend — sensory bags.

Children (and adults, for that matter) learn best when they engage the senses. This is why the smell of a campfire will bring you back to a summer memory, or we’re able to enact all the dance moves from “Thriller” when the Michael Jackson hit song comes on the radio. And this concept starts when we are just little babies.

By exposing our little ones to different textures, colors, or sounds, we are also helping them develop their cognitive skills. Which is why sensory bags are the greatest thing to hit the baby circuit: they’re super easy to make and provide hours of mess-free play.

Check out these 13 sensory bag DIYs to make for your baby:

1. A Hopping Good Time

Frog Sensory Bag
Image Source: Plain Vanilla Mom

Your baby is sure to find this amphibian-themed bag ribbiting. (via Plain Vanilla Mom)

2. Glitz and Glam

DIY Sensory Bag With Glitter
Image Source: In the Playroom

Make playtime sparkle and shine with this glittery gel dough sensory bag. (via In the Playroom)

3. Over the Rainbow

DIY Sensory Bags Made with Goo
Image Source: Hellobee

Use a goo-like substance instead of gel for a different smushy feel your baby will love. (via Hellobee)

4. Googly Eyes

DIY Sensory Bags with Googly Eyes
Image Source: Clare’s Little Tots

The answer is staring you right in the face — make this googly eye DIY. (via Clare’s Little Tots)

5. Let it Snow

Snowflake Themed DIY Sensory Bag
Image Source: B-Inspired Mama

Celebrate the winter months with this snowflake-themed sensory bag. (via B-Inspired Mama)

6. Flower Power

Flower-Themed DIY Sensory Bag
Image Source: Hands On as We Grow

Teach your little one about nature with this sensory bag filled with little flowers and leaves. (via Hand On as We Grow)

7. Starry Night

Star-Themed DIY Sensory Bag
Image Source: Nurture Store

Inspire your kids to reach for the stars with this sensory bag. (via Nurture Store)

8. It’s Not Easy Being Green

Green Glitter Sensory Bag
Image Source: Crafts by Courtney

A sensory bag so green and glittery it practically glows. (via Crafts by Courtney)

9. Spill the Beans

Bean Bag Sensory Bags
Image Source: Lines Across

From buttons to beads to rice to pennies, fill these bean bags with all different types of objects to help your child learn. (via Lines Across)

10. Don’t Lose Your Marbles

Water Bead Sensory Bags
Image Source: Meri Cherry

We can only imagine how much fun these water beads would be for a baby to play with — without the small-object safety hazard! (via Meri Cherry)

11. Under the Sea

Ocean Themed Sensory Bags
Image Source: Artsy Momma

The foam stickers and beads will be fun to touch, while the ocean theme is a great way to learn about our favorite sea creatures. (via Artsy Momma)

12. Zigs and Zags

Zig-Zag Themed Sensory Bag
Image Source: Pink Oatmeal

Your baby will love the pops of color from the teal-colored sequins — it’s like digging for treasure! (via Pink Oatmeal)

13. Finding Dory Sensory Bag

Nemo and Dory Themed Sensory Bag
Image Source: Babble

You only need a few household items to bring your kids’ favorite Finding Dorycharacters to life with this sensory bag. (via Babble)

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