Doc McStuffins' Doctor Kit

If they need a cuddle, toys and stuffed animals will always feel better knowing you’re close-by with Doc McStuffins’ doctor kit.  Print your kit today to be sure the doctor is always in!

Time: 20 minutes
What You'll Need
Download Doc McStuffins' Doctor Kit (Click the print button above)
Regular paper or cardstock
Sticker paper
Glue or double-sided tape
How To Make It
  • 1

    Print the doctor kit on regular paper or cardstock and print the adhesive bandages on sticker paper. Cut out all the pieces. Cut a slit at the front of the bag where indicated. Make all folds along dashed lines.

  • 2

    Using glue or double-sided tape, secure the A tab on the piece labeled "Bottom and Front" to the back of the purple panel on the piece labeled "Back and Lid."

  • 3

    Secure the B tab at the bottom of the left side to the left side of the bottom panel.

  • 4

    Secure the B tab at the bottom of the right side to the right side of the bottom panel.

  • 5

    Secure the left and right sides to the back and front of the bag by securing the C tabs to the back panel and the D tabs to the front panel.

  • 6

    Close the bag by inserting the end of the lid into the slit in the front of the bag.

  • 7

    Fold the handle in half and secure so the design is two-sided. Butterfly the tabs outward and use them to attach the handle to the top of the bag.

  • 8

    Fold the medical instruments in half and secure so the designs are two-sided.

  • 9

    Write your name on the ID Card, then use glue or double-sided tape to add a photo.

  • 10

    Hand out Lambie's cuddle cards to anyone who needs a cuddle!

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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