14 Easter Crafts for Your Little Bunny

Easter Craft Collage from Keeping it Simple
Image Source: Babble | Simple as That | Babyccino Kids | The Shabby Creek Cottage

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Easter crafting schedule! From bunnies to chicks to jelly beans, there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from.

With just a small amount of supplies from the craft store, you and your toddler can get moving on some colorful decorations to brighten up your home for the Easter holiday and season of sunshine. Gather the tots around the table and get the artistic juices flowing with these fun (and easy) DIY Easter crafts.

1. Easter Egg Potato Stamping

Easter Egg Potato Stamp
Image Source: Crafty Morning

Who knew potatoes could be used as a painting tool? Simply cut patterns into potato halves. Then your little one can paint over each and press the halves onto paper, giving an Easter egg effect! (via Crafty Morning)

2. Bunny Cups

Cups Decorated Like Bunnies
Image Source: Lily Shop

If you’re planning an Easter party, these cups are the perfect addition to your celebration! Work with your toddler to create bunny ears with some felt and glue, then draw cute rabbit faces on the cups, glue on the ears, and you’re done. (via Lily Shop)

3. Bunny Crayons

Crayons Shaped Like Bunnies
Image Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

Two crafts in one — cute bunny crayons and the art your kids make with them! Your little helpers can sort the colors and remove the labels before you place them in the oven. (via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

4. Paper Plate Easter Chick

Paper Plate Decorated Like a Chick
Image Source: Simple as That

Grab some yellow paper plates from the party store to create an Easter chick you can hang on the wall for the holiday. Tots can glue the pieces on and watch their bird come to life! (via Simple as That)

5. Bunny Masks

Kids with Bunny Masks On
Image Source: Babyccino Kids

Halloween isn’t the only holiday for wearing masks! After mom makes the template, the little one can glue on cotton balls and make these adorable bunny faces to wear while hopping around the house. (via Babyccino Kids)

6. Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

Child Fingerpainting
Image Source: No Time for Flash Cards

Don’t know what to do with your extra bubble wrap? Use it as a new painting technique! The kiddos will love creating this cool pattern on paper Easter eggs. Who knew you could do more than just pack and pop it? (via No Time for Flask Cards)

7. Bottle Cap Critters

Chick Made from Bottlecaps
Image Source: Crafty Morning

With just a bottle cap, construction paper, goggly eyes, and a feather or twine, you and your toddler can create adorable chicks or bunnies! Stick a magnet on the back and you have a new fridge decoration your little one will be proud of. (via Crafty Morning)

8. Bunny with Footprint Ears

Bunny Shaped Paper Plate with Footprint Ears
Image Source: One Krieger Chick

What’s cuter than tiny feet? A bunny with tiny feet ears (well, maybe)! Have your toddler step in pink paint to make these precious Easter decorations. Bonus craft: let them dip their toes in orange paint to make carrots. (via One Krieger Chick)

9. Jelly Bean Bracelets

Girl Wearing Jellybean Bracelet
Image Source: Artzy Creation

Jelly beans are a favorite basket filler but you can also use them to make bracelets. Your tiny trendsetters will adore these colorful fashion accessories, perfect to wear on Easter Sunday. Just make sure they don’t eat them … (via Artzy Creations)

10. Paper Collage Easter Egg Ornaments

Paper Collage Easter Egg Ornaments
Image Source: Clare’s Craftroom

Scrapbook paper always comes in cute patterns. Scout out the selection at the craft store and let your toddler pick out his or her favorite. Then put together egg-shaped collages that you can turn into ornaments — perfect for hanging anywhere in your home! (via Clare’s Craftroom)

11. Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs

Child Painting with Plastic Easter eggs
Image Source: Buggy and Buddy

Instead of using paint brushes to make art, try painting with something unconventional like plastic easter eggs. Just dip the halves in paint, and your toddler is ready to make some abstract art out of circle designs. (via Buggy and Buddy)

12. Bunny Handprints

Bunny Shaped Handprints on Paper
Image Source: Crafty Morning

Paint, construction paper, and a Sharpie are all the supplies you and your toddler need to create these cute bunnies. The little one will use his or her adorable hand as the stamp, while you add some features, and voila! (via Crafty Morning)

13. Paper Straw Easter Egg

Framed Art of Paper Straws Shaped Like and Egg
Image Source: Keeping it Simple

This is a great DIY that mom can hang up to bring some Easter spirit to the house. Your toddler can get involved by picking out the colored straws and helping you glue them to egg-shaped paper. (via Keeping it Simple)

14. Easter Egg Garland

Easter Egg Garland on a Mantle
Image Source: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Collecting paint chips is the best part about shopping for paint. Now put those chips to good use by making a pretty Easter garland. Let your toddler choose his or her favorite colors, you cut out the egg shapes, and together string the paper eggs to make a colorful seasonal decoration! (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

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