Holidays to Celebrate in March

Print out the March 2017 calendar and start planning for these fun holidays.

March 3

#DisneyWeekend Show us your Disney food art!

Frozen Bento Box

Participate in our #DisneyWeekend challenge by sharing a photo of your own Disney food art. Check out our Frozen Bento Box if you’re in need of some inspiration.


March 4

Zootopia was released on this day in 2016

Celebrate the Oscar-winning film with this fun balloon craft!


March 7

Cereal Day

Disney Family_Zootopia Bark_1500

What better way to celebrate cereal day than with this sweet treat inspired by Zootopia?


March 9

Popcorn Lover’s Day

Disney Family_WTP_Popcorn Cone_1000

Calling all popcorn fans! Celebrate Popcorn Lover’s Day with these delicious Disney-inspired recipes.


March 10

#DisneyWeekend Moana Movie Night



Snack on some Moana-inspired cupcakes while you watch the film, which is out March 7.

March 11

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was released on this day in 1977


Treat yourself to this Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum treat in honor of the anniversary of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!


March 12

Plant a Flower Day


Plant your favorite flowers in these DIY pink and blue flower pots, inspired by the infamous dressmaking scene in Sleeping Beauty.


March 13

Napping Day


Take time to nap today! This Pluto pillow is the perfect accessory for sweet dreams.


March 17

#DisneyWeekend Beauty and the Beast in theaters today!



March 20

Spring Begins


Spring has sprung! Check out these fun spring crafts to celebrate the season.


March 23

National Puppy Day


Enjoy National Puppy Day with crafts and recipes inspired by our favorite Disney pups!


March 24

#DisneyWeekend Tangled: The Series premieres on Disney Channel!


Take on a Tangled-inspired craft before watching the premiere of Tangled: The Series. We love this Pascal pendant!


March 31

#DisneyWeekend Sing your favorite Disney song!

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