Miss Piggy's Glam Hand Mirror

Miss Piggy is a fashionista and style diva who always looks fabulous. If you want the paparazzi chasing you, too, then craft your own mini hand mirror using wooden craft spoons and circles. Paint it Miss Piggy pink, and decorate it with pearls and glittering jewels. Tres magnifique!

These pocket-sized mirrors make a great party craft for pint-sized Miss Piggy fans everywhere.

Time: 25 minutes
What You'll Need
2 - 3" wooden craft circles
1 wooden craft spoon or popsicle stick
Acrylic paint, pink or purple
Tacky glue
Mirror paper
Self-adhesive gems and pearls
Self-adhesive felt scrapbooking borders or ribbon tape
How To Make It
  • 1

    Cover your work surface with scrap paper or newspaper. Paint two 3" wooden craft circles and a wooden craft spoon. Let dry.

  • 2

    Use tacky glue to glue the "spoon" end of the wooden stick between the 3" circles.

  • 3

    This will be the mirror's handle. Let dry.

  • 4

    Press self-adhesive gems onto one side of the hand mirror.

  • 5

    Print and cut out the circle template. Trace it onto the back of the mirror paper. Cut out the circle.

  • 6

    Flip over the hand mirror and use tacky glue to attach the mirror to the side opposite the gems.

  • 7

    Stick self-adhesive pearls around the edge of the mirror.

  • 8

    Cover the unfinished edge of the mirror with the felt border or ribbon tape. Trim to fit.

  • 9

    Tie a small bow at the top of the mirror's handle.

This makes a great party craft. Just glue and paint the mirrors before guests arrive. Let guests decorate their hand mirrors with self-adhesive gems and ribbons.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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