Rosetta's Frosty Leaf Ghosts

Of all the tasks that befall Rosetta in her role as a garden fairy, painting the flowers is her favorite. So, it only makes sense that she would find a way to extend the pastime into the fall — such as engaging the other fairies to help coat the leaves with sparkly white frost and then drawing on ghost faces to decorate the hollow for Halloween. Using silk leaves, paint, and glitter, you and your child can follow suit in your neck of the woods.

Time: 30 minutes
What You'll Need
Silk maple leaves, or other similarly shaped leaves
Waxed paper
White fabric paint
Paintbrush or foam brush
White or silver glitter
Black permanent marker
How To Make It
  • 1

    Turn each leaf so the points face up and use the scissors to round the top to resemble a ghost's head.

  • 2

    Working on a waxed paper-covered surface, paint the leaves white (front and back). If needed, give them a second coat.

  • 3

    While the paint is still tacky, sprinkle the surfaces with glitter.

  • 4

    Once the paint dries, use the marker to draw on ghostly facial features.

Cutting should be done by an adult.
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