Dumbo’s Circus Tent

Let your family’s crafting skills take flight by making your very own circus tent inspired by Dumbo!

What You’ll Need

  • Pre-made canopy tent for kids
  • 6-inch wide red ribbons cut to your preferred length
  • Blue paper bunting (or make your own with blue cardstock)
  • Red pom-pom trim
  • 1 sheet of craft foam
  • 1 sheet of blue felt
  • 1 sheet of red craft foam
  • 1 sheet of red glitter craft foam or glitter star stickers
  • White 3D paint
  • 1-inch wide red ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • 1 safety pin

How to Make It

  1. Trim the 6-inch wide red ribbons to match the length of the fabric panels on the pre-made canopy tent.
  2. Hot glue the 6-inch wide red ribbons onto the canopy tent in between the existing panels of fabric. Make sure to space them out evenly to create a striped circus tent look.
  3. Create your blue paper bunting by cutting out large triangles from blue cardstock. Hot glue the paper bunting just below the top edge of the canopy tent.
  4. Hot glue the pom-pom trim around the top edge of the canopy tent.
  5. Next, create a custom sign for your circus tent. Hot glue blue felt to craft foam. Cut out a red rectangle of craft foam, and hot glue onto the blue felt. Frame the edges with red glitter stars. You can use stickers or create your own out of red glitter craft foam. Use 3D paint to add a name to your circus sign. Let dry completely.
  6. Once dry, use hot glue to attach the 1-inch red ribbon to each top corner of the sign. Secure the sign to the circus tent with a safety pin.
  7. Hang your circus tent in your favorite room and then it’s on with the show!

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