Captain Hook Cake

You could say Captain Hook’s obsession to get revenge on Peter Pan is way out of hand. But then again, had Peter not fed the pirate’s appendage to a hungry crocodile, he might not have lost his grip. Inspired by the dastardly villain, this cake features a shiny hook shaped out of ready-to-use fondant and is “polished” with edible gold dust (both of which you can readily find in the cake decorating aisle at large craft stores and department stores).

Captain Hook Cake

1 hr


  • 9- by 13-inch baked cake
  • Frosting (any color you like; purple looks especially nice)
  • Ready-to-use white fondant
  • Food coloring (black and red)
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  • Edible gold or silver fondant decorating powder and a small pastry brush (optional)


  1. Print the template and cut out the pieces.

  2. Wearing disposable kitchen gloves, pull three small hunks (about 2 inches in diameter) from the fondant. Knead just enough black food coloring into one of the hunks to turn the fondant gray. Tint the second piece red, and leave the third white.

  3. Set a quarter size piece of the gray fondant aside.

  4. Then roll the rest of it into a rope shape, and set it atop the hook template piece.

  5. Using the paper as a pattern, press and shape the fondant into a hook shape. Use a knife to taper the point.

  6. To give the hook a real metallic look, brush gold or silver decorating powder onto the fondant if you like.

  7. Place the reserved gray fondant atop a piece of wax paper dusted with confectioners sugar and roll it out to about a quarter-inch thickness. Using the corresponding template piece, cut a hook base from the rolled fondant. Likewise, roll out the red fondant and cut out a jacket cuff.

  8. Next, roll out the white fondant and cut a shirt cuff from it.

  9. Use your fingers to flute the top of the shirt cuff to create a ruffled look.

  10. Set all of the fondant shapes aside for a few minutes, leaving them uncovered so they will stiffen up a bit.

  11. Meanwhile, frost the cake.

  12. When you’re ready to assemble the fondant pieces atop the cake, begin with the hook. Then cover the blunt end with the hook base. Next, set the shirt cuff in place atop the hook base. Finally, add the jacket cuff, overlapping the non-fluted edge of the shirt cuff.

Posted 3 years Ago
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