A Prize-Winning Recipe for Ducky and Bunny Cupcakes


“To infinity and your mom!” These delightful cupcakes are inspired by our new favorite carnival critters from Pixar’s Toy Story 4, Ducky and Bunny! With just a few simple steps, you and your family can create these winning cupcakes. Don’t miss Toy Story 4 now playing in theaters! Get tickets.


Ducky and Bunny Cupcakes


  • Cupcakes (store-bought or your favorite cupcake recipe)
  • White frosting 
  • Food coloring (blue and yellow)
  • Fondant (blue, light Green, orange, yellow, dark purple, black & white)
  • #12 piping tip


  1. Prepare your favorite cupcake recipe.

  2. Divide your white frosting among two bowls. Add blue and yellow food coloring to each bowl and mix until combined. Frost your cupcakes and set aside.

  3. To create Ducky and Bunny features, roll out white fondant. Using your #12 tip, cut out large circles. Roll out medium and small balls out of dark purple and black fondant. Push them onto the white fondant to create eyes. Use black fondant for Ducky’s eyelashes, yellow fondant for his hair and orange fondant for his mouth. Use blue and green fondant for Bunny’s ear. Then use green, black and white fondant for his mouth and nose.

  4. Decorate the frosted cupcakes with all your Ducky and Bunny fondant details.

  5. Enjoy!

Posted 1 year Ago
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