Teacup Treats Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

There is no shortage of teacups at the Mad Hatter’s unbirthday party. In fact, the cups rotate around the table so quickly Alice never gets so much as a sip of tea. Made from ice cream cones and cookies, these edible cup-and-saucer treats are a cinch to assemble and will ensure that each guest at your child’s tea party gets his or her fill.

Teacup Treats Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

15 min


  • Rounded, cup-style ice cream cones
  • Round sugar or shortbread cookie
  • Icing
  • Yogurt-covered pretzels
  • Assorted colorful candies, popcorn, or trail mix to fill the teacup

Helpful Tip

All cutting should be done by an adult.


  1. Carefully cut the bottom of each ice cream cone from the cup of the cone.

  2. Use icing to attach the cone to a round cookie.

  3. Break off the rounded sides of the pretzels to create the teacup handles and attach with icing. Leave to set completely.

  4. Fill the cup with a few candies or other snacks, and it’s teatime!

Posted 4 years Ago
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