Make a Delicious Bark Inspired by Forky from Toy Story 4


Bonnie made Forky on her first day of kindergarten, and now you can make him in your very own kitchen! This time, Forky isn’t plastic cutlery, trash, or even a toy — he’s a sweet treat! Piece together just the right candy pieces and our buddy Forky comes to life!

Toy Story 4 is now streaming on Disney+!

Forky Bark


  • Thin, red licorice lace
  • Medium-size candy eyes
  • Small candy eyes
  • Blue chewy candies
  • Thick, red licorice laces
  • Vanilla taffy
  • Vanilla wafers
  • Chewy candies, in rainbow colors
  • 16 oz. white chocolate or melts

Helpful Tip

All cutting should be done by an adult.


  1. To create Forky’s rosy cheeks, use an edible red marker to draw 2 spots on the backside of each spork. Smudge the spots with a cotton swab.

  2. To create Forky’s eyebrows, cut out three 1-inch segments of thin, red licorice lace. Bend and pinch the segments to create arches that resemble Forky’s eyebrow.

  3. To create Forky’s eyes, use small and medium candy eyes. Use a black food marker to make the black part of his eyes larger, just like Forky’s.

  4. To create Forky’s mouth, roll a blue chewy candy into a thin strip. Shape the strip into the shape of Forky’s mouth.

  5. To create Forky’s hands, cut out 6-inch pieces of thick, red licorice lace. Create his fingers by making 3 tiny loops right next to each other. Pinch the base of the loops together to create a hand.

  6. To create Forky’s clay base, cut a piece of white taffy in half. Shape each piece into a rough triangle.

  7. Using a serrated knife, create Forky’s feet by cutting out the center portion of a vanilla wafer. Use a popsicle stick as a guide for cutting. Repeat the process to create multiple “feet.” Use a green food marker to write “Bon” on half of the “feet” and “nie” on the other half of the “feet.”

  8. To create the rainbow “stickers,” roll the chewy candies of each color into a 1/16-inch-thick oval. Stack the ovals with the red on the bottom, then use a knife to cut ⅛-inch crosswise strips of the candy. Cut the strips into 1-inch segments, then shape into mini rainbows.

  9. Gently melt the white chocolate or candy melts. Spread a thick layer of chocolate over a 9×13-inch sheet pan, fitted with crumpled parchment paper.

  10. Place all of Forky’s body parts atop the chocolate. Allow the chocolate to harden completely. Break or cut into pieces and enjoy!

Posted 6 months Ago
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