Mickey Mouse Halloween Cupcakes

This Halloween enjoy a tasty take on the regular chocolate cupcake. Using Oreos, M&Ms, colored frosting and sprinkles, create these Mickey Mouse treats that are sure to be gobbled up by every boy and ghoul!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Cupcakes

10 min


  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • White frosting
  • Purple food dye
  • Orange food dye
  • Purple sprinkles
  • Orange sprinkles
  • Brown M&Ms
  • Orange M&Ms
  • Regular Oreos
  • Mini Oreos


  1. Set aside pre-made chocolate cupcakes

  2. Separate white icing into two bowls

  3. Place purple food coloring in one bowl and orange in the other and stir until the color is fully incorporated

  4. Ice the cupcake

  5. Dip the cupcake in colored sugar sprinkles

  6. Take a regular Oreo and twist it apart, saving the half with frosting on it and discarding the other half

  7. Take a mini oreo and twist it apart, then place each half on the back side of the big Oreo

  8. Once you have created the head, place it onto the back third of the cupcake

  9. Place two M&Ms on the front of the cupcake to resemble Mickey’s buttons

  10. Enjoy!

Posted 4 years Ago
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