From dreaming about lounging on the beach to sacrificing himself for Anna, one of the best parts of Frozen is watching Olaf do his thing. Celebrate a Frozen #DisneyWeekend with this Olaf food art snack!

Olaf Food Art Snack


  • 4 large slices of white cheddar or other white cheese
  • 2 pieces of fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 2 black olives
  • 1 carrot
  • 3 pretzel sticks


  1. Place four slices of cheese side by side to form a large square on a plate.

  2. Carefully carve the slices of cheese to create the shape of Olaf’s head.

  3. Wash and peel a carrot and place in the center for Olaf’s nose.

  4. Place two medium-sized round circles of mozzarella for Olaf’s eyes.

  5. To complete Olaf’s eyes, place half an olive on top of each piece of mozzarella.

  6. Cut smaller strips of olives to use for Olaf’s eyebrows.

  7. Use pretzel sticks for Olaf’s hair.

  8. Snack and enjoy!

Posted 3 years Ago
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