Phineas and Ferb Bento Box

Kick off the 104 days of summer vacation with a fun and healthy Phineas and Ferb lunch!

Phineas and Ferb Bento Box

30 min


  • Dried mixed berries
  • Cantaloupe flowers
  • Cucumber slices
  • FOR THE SANDWICHES: Sandwich bread and fillings; white cheese, carrot, cucumber, boiled egg whites, cream cheese or hummus to “glue” the pieces together
  • TOOLS NEEDED: Template, rolling pin, small sharp knife, cutting board
  • Straw or round fondant cutter (to make eyes), small oval fondant cutter (to make eyes)

Helpful Tip

* For cantaloupe stars or flowers, slice the cantaloupe and cut with a small metal cookie cutter. Save the extra pieces for fruit salad or just for underneath the decorative pieces.


  1. Make sandwich as desired. We used turkey and roast beef on multigrain sandwich rounds.

  2. Using the template as a guide, cut Phineas and Ferb heads from white cheese. Note: Phineas is mostly triangular, but he has a small ear; Ferb is mostly rectangular, but he has an ear and nose.

  3. Using a slice of egg white, cut out one oval for Phineas’ eye. Overlapping the first oval, cut out a partial second oval for the other eye (see template).

  4. Using a second slice of egg white, cut out one larger circle for Ferb’s eye. Using a smaller straw or cutter, cut out a second circle for Ferb’s other eye. Ferb’s eyes are two different sizes.

  5. With a small straw and cucumber peel, cut out two small circles to dot Ferb’s eyes, one small circle for Phineas’ front eye and a half-circle for Phineas’ rear eye.

  6. With a dot of cream cheese or hummus on a toothpick tip, dot the cucumber to hold the pieces in place.

  7. Slice a thin piece of carrot (orange cheese works too) and use the template to cut Phineas’ hair. To attach, dot the back with hummus or cream cheese.

  8. For Ferb’s hair, carefully slice the peel off the side of a cucumber and use the template to cut. Save the cucumber for inside the bento. Attach hair with dots of cream cheese or hummus.

  9. Carefully move Phineas and Ferb to the top of the sandwich to decorate it. Use a few more dots of cream cheese or hummus to help hold them in place.

Posted 5 years Ago
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