Craving a sweet treat for your Pinocchio movie night? Say hello to these adorable cookies featuring a familiar feline face.

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Figaro Cookies

20 min


  • Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • White decorating icing gel
  • Rolled buttercream fondant (pink, yellow, brown)

Helpful Tip

Place fondant into the fridge for a short amount of time for easier molding and shaping.


  1. Cover your workspace with wax paper.

  2. Create Figaro’s ears by making two triangles out of brown fondant. Add smaller triangles of pink fondant inside each brown triangle ear shape. Be sure to make each brown triangle long enough to press into and attach to the cookie sandwich. Pull apart the cookie sandwich to attach each ear, and then press the cookie shut again.

  3. Use the white decorating icing gel to draw Figaro’s face shape onto the cookie. Let dry.

  4. Create Figaro’s eyes with two small circles of yellow fondant. Add a small brown dot to each eye.

  5. Add a small brown triangle of fondant for Figaro’s nose.

  6. Roll out little whiskers from the brown fondant.

  7. Add a small pink half-circle of fondant for Figaro’s mouth.

Posted 4 years Ago
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