Pirates of the Caribbean Zombie Tattoo Cupcakes

Image source: Disney Family

No pirate adventure is worth its salt without a hair-raising encounter with formidable foes. And when the quest is to find the Fountain of Youth, who could have a better motive to thwart the mission than a pack of zombies well beyond hope of eternal youth? Modeled after one of their more eye-catching body art images, these cupcakes are “fare” warning for all mates to keep their eyes peeled!

Pirates of the Caribbean Zombie Tattoo Cupcakes

20 min
25 min


  • Batch of frosted cupcakes
  • Several pieces of brown taffy (such as Tootsie Roll Midgees)
  • Wax paper
  • Kitchen scissors or knife
  • Gummy fruit ring candy (such as Life Savers Gummies)
  • Small chocolate candy with brown shell (such as M&M Minis)
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Rolling pin


  1. Roll flat the brown taffy between pieces of wax paper (if the candy is too stiff, you can microwave it for up to 5 seconds to soften it). Then cut the flattened candy into thin strips (about 3/8- by 3-inches).

  2. Cut some gummy fruit ring candy in half so that you end up with two thin rings to use as irises. Turn the halves sticky-side-up and cover each of the holes with a pupil (small chocolate candy with brown shell).

  3. Working on wax paper, assemble an eye for each cupcake by arranging two of the brown taffy strips into overlapping semicircles, as shown. Then slip one of the iris/pupils part way under the upper strip, leaving a gap between the iris and the lower strip.

  4. Transfer each eye to a cupcake top, and gently press down on the pupil to push the iris halfway into the frosting. For the finishing touch, add chocolate sprinkle eyelashes.

Posted 4 years Ago
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