Professor Z has his eye on Lightning McQueen. This monocle-wearing German car has a mission, and it’s to keep Number 95 from winning the World Grand Prix. While no Cars fans would ever see eye-to-eye with the mad scientist, they’re sure to get a kick out of nibbling away at Lightning’s nemesis.

Professor Z Cookies

30 min
10 min


  • Batch of freshly baked round sugar cookies (about 2.5 inches wide)
  • Cookie icing (light blue and white)
  • Kitchen knife
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Gummy candy rings (such as Life Savers Gummies)
  • Chocolate candies with brown shells (such as M&Ms)


  1. Cut a third of the cookies in half to use for the windshield visors/eyelids. If the cookies are crispy, cut them with a slow sawing motion to keep the edge even and prevent any breakage. Gently brush away any loose crumbs so they won’t get into the icing.

  2. Frost the cookie halves with blue icing, leaving a small margin unfrosted along the curved edges. Then set them aside until the icing hardens.

  3. Meanwhile, create the eye irises by using kitchen scissors to cut gummy candy rings into thinner slices, as shown.

  4. When the blue icing is hard, you can complete the monocle eyes. Generously frost one of the whole cookies with white icing, again stopping a little short of the edge (this unfrosted margin will serve as a pseudo monocle frame).

  5. While the white icing is still soft, set one of the candy irises atop the middle of the cookie. Add a pupil by placing a brown-shelled candy (printed side down) on the center of the iris, and push down gently to partially sink the candy into icing.

  6. Set a blue visor/eyelid atop the round cookie so that the cut edge partially covers the iris but is flush with the top of the pupil. Press down gently, just enough to stick the visor in place.

  7. Assemble the remaining eyes in the same manner. Let the white icing set, and the cookies are ready to serve.

Posted 8 years Ago
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