Snow White is a caring and kind princess, with lips red as a rose and skin white as snow. After she’s forced to leave her castle, she befriends the lovable seven dwarfs and finds her one true love. Celebrate the magic of Snow White’s fairy tale with this cupcake idea that’s as sweet as the princess herself.

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Snow White Cupcakes

30 min
15 min


  • Vanilla cake mix
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Blue food coloring
  • Red-dyed gumpaste
  • Gold foil cupcake liners
  • Cupcake pan
  • Piping bag and large round piping tip

Helpful Tip

All cutting should be done by an adult.


  1. Begin by preparing your favorite vanilla cake mix. Recipe should make up to one dozen cupcakes.

  2. Line cupcake pan with gold foil cupcake liners.

  3. Fill each cupcake liner halfway with cake batter. Bake your cupcake, according to the recipe instructions. Most cupcakes bake at 350ºF for approximately 15-18 minutes.

  4. Allow cupcakes to cool in the pan before removing them. About 15 minutes.

  5. While you wait, prepare your vanilla frosting by stirring in a couple drops of dark blue gel food coloring. Transfer icing into piping bag.

  6. Once the cupcakes have cooled, pipe the buttercream frosting in a circular, upward motion.

  7. To make your red bow topper, roll out your red-dyed gumpaste on a surface dusted with powdered sugar or cornstarch to 1/8-inch thick.

  8. You will need two pieces to make your bow: Using a ruler and pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut 4” x 1” strips, and additional 3” x 1” strips.

  9. Take your longer 4” x 1” strip and bring both ends to the middle of the strip. Wet the ends with water to use as glue to secure the ends down to the middle.

  10. Next, take your smaller 3” x 1” strip and wrap it around the middle of the first piece to create the center of the bow. Attach the ends to the back of the bow with a bit of water.

  11. Place the bows atop the cupcakes.

Posted 5 years Ago
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