Prepare a purrr-fect treat for your Alice-inspired tea party. These Cheshire Cat cupcakes will be disappearing in no time.


Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

45 min
30 min


  • Your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe
  • White buttercream frosting
  • Black, pink, and teal food dye
  • Pastry bag
  • Silver sprinkles or sanding sugar


  1. Separate buttercream frosting into five separate bowls. Two of the bowls should be small. Add a small amount of black food dye to two of the larger bowls, creating a darker and lighter shade of grey. Add pink food dye to a medium sized portion. Add teal food dye to the smallest bowl. Leave the second small bowl white.

  2. Spoon light grey buttercream frosting into pastry bag. Add a heaping layer of frosting to chocolate cupcake.

  3. Place silver sanding sugar into a bowl. Dip frosted cupcake into bowl, covering with silver sprinkles completely.

  4. Use a carving tool to create two tiny holes for the Cheshire Cat’s eyes. Pipe teal frosting into the holes.

  5. Pipe dark grey frosting around the teal to draw the details of Cheshire Cat’s eyes.

  6. Pipe two pink peaks at the top of the Cheshire Cat’s face to create ears. Pipe two little dots for his nose.

  7. Pipe darker grey frosting to create Cheshire Cat’s smiling mouth. Pipe white lines to create his teeth.

  8. Pipe two dots of light grey frosting at the bottom of the cupcake to create Cheshire Cat’s feet. Use the darker grey frosting to draw the details of his paws.

  9. Serve to your guests!

Posted 3 years Ago
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