Want to make a winning impression on your Cars party guests? With a confectionery pickup modeled after Mater, it’s a piece of cake!

Tow Mater Cake

20 min
30 min


  • Chocolate cake baked in 9- by 13-inch pan (removed from the pan and cooled)
  • Serrated kitchen knife for leveling the cake
  • Wax paper
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Light chocolate frosting
  • Damp paper towel
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant (white and chocolate)
  • 2 green fruit chews
  • 2 brown hard shelled chocolate candies – minis (for eyes)
  • Large yellow gumdrop (or other round yellow candy) and a chocolate covered mint (for headlights)
  • 2 chocolate donuts (for tires)
  • 2 chocolate roll cakes (for mirrors)
  • 2 small yellow fruit roll candies cut into halves (for mirror mounts)

Helpful Tip

Homemade frosting or decorating frosting works best for this cake. Most readymade creamy varieties will not harden and therefore aren’t effective in sealing in the crumbs along the cut edges of the cake. If you prefer readymade frosting, you can try stirring in some confectioners sugar to stiffen it up.


  1. Using the serrated kitchen knife (a bread knife works well for this), level the cake by carefully slicing off the domed portion of the top. Then place the cake, cut side down, onto a wax paper-covered piece of cardboard.

  2. Print the template and use the pieces to cut out the specified cake shapes. First, cut the bumper from one of the short ends of the cake and set it aside for now. (Note: This piece is meant to be left unfrosted and will be placed upright at the bottom of cake later on.)

  3. Next, cut the truck’s lower portion from the opposite end of the cake. This will allow you to orient the naturally rounded cake corners under the headlights. Finally, cut the upper truck piece from the remaining cake. Place it above the lower piece, and round the top corners, as shown.

  4. Spread an initial coat of frosting, just thick enough to seal in the crumbs, on the two assembled cake pieces. Chill the cake for 30 minutes to harden the frosting.

  5. Carefully lift the wax paper on both sides of the cake and transfer it to a cake board or large serving tray. With the wax paper still in place, spread on a second coat of frosting and smooth the surface with your spatula. Don’t worry about getting it perfect —’ a few rough patches will make the cake look all the more like Mater. Next, attach the unfrosted bumper piece, standing it upright, cut edge down, and pressing it in place against the lower edge of the frosted cake. Use a damp paper towel to carefully wipe any excess frosting and crumbs from the wax paper around the perimeter of the cake. Then you can trim the paper close to the cake edge, if you like.

  6. Roll out a medium-size hunk of white fondant between sheets of wax paper to about 1/4 inch thickness. Do the same with a hunk of chocolate fondant. Use the template pieces to cut the windshield, mouth, and teeth shapes from the fondant, and assemble the cutouts atop the cake.  

  7. For eyes, roll out two green fruit chew candies as you did the fondant, and use the template piece to cut out two circles. Gently press a chocolate hard shelled candies – minis in the center of each and then set the eyes atop the fondant windshield. Set the candy headlights in place.

  8. For each tire, slice off a third of a chocolate donut (cutting just to the side of the center hole), as shown.

  9. Next, slice off a piece of the bottom to create a flat surface so you can stand the tire on edge.

  10. Set the tires in place up against the cake bumper.

  11. Finally, set the chocolate roll cakes and yellow candy halves in place for the side view mirrors and mounts.

  12. Place one more cookie on the top for the tire on Mater’s hood. Attach the teeth to the cookie mouth with a small amount of frosting.

Posted 7 years Ago
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