Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Straight from the Hundred Acre Wood

Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

Surprise a loved one with some adorable Winnie the Pooh Chocolate-Covered Strawberries! They would make a heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day, a kid’s birthday, or just an extra special weekend treat. The crunchy shell paired with the sweet strawberry beneath is sure to brighten anyone’s day. They’re as cute as can be, fun to make, and feature the whole Hundred Acre Wood gang. What more could anyone want?

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‘Winnie the Pooh’ Chocolate-Covered Strawberries



  • 12 strawberries
  • Yellow, pink, white, orange, and blue chocolate candy melts
  • 2 Tbsps dark chocolate, melted
  • Toothpicks


  1. Wash, then dry strawberries thoroughly with a paper towel. Choose strawberries that are around the same size for consistency.

    Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

  2. Melt chocolate candy melts in the microwave at 25-second intervals until melted and smooth. Use yellow for Pooh, pink for Piglet, orange for Tigger, and blue for Eeyore. For Piglet, add some white candy melts as well to lighten up the pink.

  3. Dip the strawberries into each color and coat a little over half way. Place each one in a small baking cup.

    Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

  4. Draw on the ears for each character with toothpicks.

  5. Wait for the first layer to dry (approximately 5 minutes) and draw on the faces with melted chocolate. For Tigger, use the yellow chocolate to draw on details, and pink for his nose. For Eeyore, use the white chocolate to create his snout and pink for his ears.

    Image source: Joanne Lu | Disney Family

  6. Place in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes for the chocolate to set. Enjoy!

Posted 3 years Ago
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