24 Yummy Recipes for a Bake Sale: Part One

If you have kids on a sports team or have a helping hand in raising money for a worthy cause then there is a pretty good chance you know the ropes of a bake sale. I know I always feel like I have fallen on some magical treasure when I come across a bake sale.  I stand there in front of the table of sweet baked confections and think of all the different kitchens that slaved away to make these pastries come to life. I quickly buy up all the sweets that catch my eye and deliver them to my near and dear. I eat without guilt knowing my purchase is for a good cause. Here are 24 different recipes of delicious baked goods to make for your next bake sale.

1. Lemon Coconut Bars

People absolutely LOVE lemon bars. Sure to be a crowd pleaser. Get the recipe from Presley’s Pantry.

2. Sweet Tomato Turnovers

Absolutely perfect and unique….. These turnovers will intrigue your patrons and sell out quickly! Get the recipe from Muy Bueno Cookbook.

3. Poppy Seed Berry Olive Oil Cake With Strawberry Frosting

Mmmmmm. This would be the prized cake at any bake sale and sell out quickly. You better make a couple. Get the recipe from Presley’s Pantry.

4. Polvorones With Sprinkles

Mexican shortbread sprinkled in colorful sprinkles. This cookie make be old fashioned but never gets old. Get the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie.

5. Potato Chip Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie was created with a sweet and salty palate in mind. Most of America loves this combination and when put in a cookie form it is sure to please with the crunch you crave. Get this recipe created by Presley’s Pantry over on Crafty Chica!

6. Love Strawberry Chocolate Cookies

Inspired by oreo stuffed with strawberry icing. They look absolutely delicious. I’d buy the whole tray. Get the recipe from Mind Over Batter.

7. Horchata Cupcakes

This seems like the ideal treat. Sweet but not over the top, just tasty. Get the recipe from Nibbles And Feasts!

8. Easiest Apple Cake Ever

Short on time but want to contribute a show stopper to the bake sale. Here is your answer. Make it quickly and before you now it… It’ll be SOLD! Get the recipe from Peru Delights!

9. Coconut Pecan Chocolate Quesadillas

YUMMMMMMMMMMMY! This has surely sparked my interest. Sounds easy to make and super original. I’d buy a few. Get the recipe from Sweet Life.

10. Mexican Caramel Krispy Treats

The bake sale just exploded with flavor. This rice krispy treat spiced with Mexican chocolate and caramel is sure to get the sales moving! Get the recipe from Chica Chocolatina!

11. Mini Cinnamon Rolls On A Stick

Who can resist a cinnamon roll? These minis take the guilt out of the equation and placing them on a stick makes them gift-able. Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts!

12. Carrot, Ginger And Coconut Cake

I’d love to have a slice or two of this lovely carrot cake. Bake this winner for the sale and allow the patrons to decide how big of a slice they want. Charge accordingly. Get the recipe from Dominican Cooking!

13. Flourless Chocolate Espresso Caramel Brownies

These caffeinated brownie bites can be cut into small squares and sold to the customer who’s only desire is to take one bite. Get the recipe from Cooking On The Weekends!

14. Raspberry Goat Cheese Almond Empanadas

The name alone would have me sold on this delicious little hand pie. Display one cracked open so the customers could see the deliciousness that’s nestled inside. Get the recipe from Laylita!

15. Dulce De Leche Bars

Oh Yeah! These dulce de leche bars could be in the collection of any bake sale I’d be involved with. Get the recipe from Mami Talks!

16. Chorreada De Queso

This wonderful pan dulce is stuffed in the middle with pilloncillo (brown sugar cone),  and queso frescom then baked to perfection. Get the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie.

17. Chocolate Chip Cajeta Pretzel Bars

Mmmmm this would be the ideal thing to eat ANY TIME OF THE DAY! Please buy me a blocks of these bars. Get the recipe from Chica Chocolatina!

18. Chai Apple Cakes

Apple and chai work exceptionally well in the wonderful bundt cake. Combining all the flavors of Fall in this cake dome. Get the recipe from Cooking On The Weekends.

19. Orange Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

If you will be selling coffee at your bake sale it would be a great idea to sell some biscotti’s too! Get this yummy recipe from Latino Foodie!

20. Moroccan Snake Pasty

This lovely snake pastry will stop customers dead in their tracks. People call call you a snake charmer for making this delight. Get the recipe from Cathy Arkle.

21. 5 Ingredient Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Here is a great addition to have on the table for the gluten free customer. Who doesn’t love a peanut butter cookie? Get the recipe from Shockingly Delicious.

22. Chocolate Chip Dulce De Leche Cookies

Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, add dulce de leche to the batter and you will be smitten. Get the recipe from Sweet Life.

23. Maple Bacon Biscuits

Biscuits topped with bacon and honey is a must have. Get the recipe from Chica Chocolatina.

24. Garibaldi

Any thing with sprinkles will be a hit. Make these lovely garibaldi’s for a traditional treat. Get the recipe from The Other Side Of The Tortilla.

Posted 7 years Ago
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